Buying unique highboard or sideboards

The best type of highboard: Buying tips and review

The highboard not only looks good but also keeps the living space tidy:

in every room and has sufficient storage space for all kinds of things.

We want to introduce you to the best highboard so that you, too, will soon find your perfect highboard.


The most important facts in brief about highboard

A highboard is very similar to wardrobes but differs from them mainly because they are not as high. In addition, they often have more compartments because they are also used to store things other than clothes.

Highboard are made of different materials. However, we recommend avoiding plastic and opting for solid wood as it turns out to be of better quality in the long run.

A beautiful highboard adds charm to almost any room in a house or flat when used in matching colors. Thus, it serves to store all kinds of things and has an aesthetic effect.

Highboard: Buy and Review Criteria

Finding a unique highboard for your living room or bedroom is not an easy decision. There is a wide choice, and it is a long-term investment.

We want to give you some important criteria to help you find the perfect highboard for you.


Choosing the types of material is one of the most important criteria when purchasing a highboard. There is a highboard made of plastic, wood, or even wood with metal influences.

In addition, the highboard can also be made of recycled material. Plastic should be avoided on a cabinet because it wears quickly.

It is also better to opt for solid wood than for veneered wood. This one is heavier but more durable than the latter.

A good glaze and a good sanding are signs of quality that are worth it. Ensure to care for the highboard so that no splinters protrude and that there are no uncleanly finished areas.


Of course, when purchasing a high board, the desired size must also be taken into account. After all, it should help to create order and not clutter in the room.

That is why it is good to measure the highboard height, width, and depth in the room before you buy it. It is easier to measure the minimum and the maximum.

This gives you a degree of flexibility if the size you want is not available.

The size depends on what you want to store on the highboard, how you want the highboard to look in the room.

Storage space and compartments

The third criterion to consider is the storage space or compartments of the highboard. There is a highboard that is large but offers relatively little storage space.

This may, among other things, have to do with the architecture of the piece of furniture.

Before you buy a high board, you should think about what you want to store in it. What you choose to store in it can also affect whether you want glass doors or not.

While pretty bowls or wine glasses can be admired through glass doors, they may be less suitable for knick-knacks like cables or even clothes. Some highboard s are large but offer relatively little storage space


Last but not least, the color must, of course, also be taken into account when purchasing. After all, it also determines the effect of the piece of furniture in the room.

Minimalist rooms with lots of glass go well with a white highboard. In more cozy rooms, brown or natural-colored wooden highboard are very beautiful. In the end, though, you have to pick the color that you like best.

Who is a highboard suitable for?

A highboard is a chest of drawers higher than it is wide but does not reach the dimensions of a wardrobe. The highboard can be used in various rooms as storage space and as a unique piece of furniture.

If you have a lot of stuff at home, a highboard can create a lot of order, and if you have a lot of objects in your flat or house, a tall chest of drawers can create a lot of order in your living space.

The tall chest of drawers is suitable for women, men, or even the whole family as a storage space for bits and pieces or decorative items.

A highboard can be used as a wardrobe if you don’t have too many clothes. A highboard is also a good piece of furniture in the living and dining room to store crockery.

What types of highboard are there?

If you decide to buy a highboard, there is another choice you have to make. Namely, there are different types of highboard that you should be aware of.

On the one hand, there is a highboard made of pure, new wood, and on the other hand, a highboard made of recycled wood. There is also a modern highboard that has metal influences.

Which highboard you prefer is a personal decision. It all depends on how it harmonizes with the other furniture in the room and what you like best.

highboard made of pure pine woodbrings warmth and coziness to the room
highboard with metal influencesparticularly suitable for modern interiors
highboard from recycled woodperfect for an exotic and slightly more special charm

What are alternatives there for the highboard?

In addition to the highboard, you should also familiarize yourself with alternatives that might fit better in your home or flat. These alternatives are very similar to the high board.

Often it is difficult to tell them apart, or product names are misused. Below is a list of the highboard alternatives.

chest of drawersonly has drawers, not so wide and high
highboardchest of drawers without top is much wider than high
Lowboardparticularly low, often used for TV sets, often with storage compartments, e.g., DVD players

The highboard is also often referred to as a high chest of drawers. However, it differs from it in that the high chest is much narrower.

What can I store on the highboard?

The highboard can serve as storage space and as a beautiful piece of furniture for different rooms, and It can also be used to store all kinds of things, such as:

beautiful pottery, especially if the highboard has glass doors

Clothing, when used as a wardrobe alternative, you can store anything you want on your highboard.

How do you take good care of a highboard?

Cleaning a sideboard is not a big job, and It is enough to wipe it occasionally with a damp cloth.

However, wooden highboard should be treated with furniture oil once or twice a year. This keeps the surface nice and shiny.

For surfaces with high-gloss lamination or a melanin coating, we recommend using water with a little neutral soap for cleaning.


In summary, a highboard is suitable for anyone who has room for a relatively large piece of furniture and is looking for a lot of space to store all kinds of things.

The highboard offers the advantage that it can be used in almost any room. For example, it can be used for pottery or cookbooks in the dining room, while it can serve as an alternative to a wardrobe in the bedroom.

Different materials and designs can be chosen according to your aesthetic preference, thus complementing the room with a unique piece of furniture.

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