Types of bar stools: Properties, pros, and cons

Types of bar stools: Properties, pros, and cons

A bar stool is not only functional but can also add a touch of style to any room.

Bar stools are intended for surfaces such as bars or high tables, about 110 cm high; they play an important role in the interior and exterior decoration.

We’ll introduce you to our best selection of bar stools and help you choose the one that best suits what you’re looking for.

types of bar stools

Important things to know about bar stools

Bar stools offer a wide choice of different models. Whether it’s leather, wood, or upholstered, choose a stool that matches the design you’re looking for in your space.

Hydraulic bar stools are an option that allows you to adjust the height of your stool exactly as you want, making it ideal for use by other people and in different spaces.

Don’t have much space and want an option for visitors? There are high bar stools that you can easily fold and store until the next use.

What you need to know about bar stools

Some questions you may have about bar stools. What is a hydraulic bar stool, and what are its advantages?

What types of bar stools are there, and how are they classified? These and more questions are answered below, so you don’t have to hesitate:

What types of bar stools are there?

When it comes to bar stools, the variety is huge. Whether in material, height, or design, there are endless models to choose from. You can find stools made of wood, plastic, or stainless steel.

Any option is good, but you should consider your needs and taste before choosing one. In terms of height, they come in different sizes and are even adjustable, but they are usually around 75 cm, ideal for kitchen islands or bars.

There are also lower, stackable options for lower tables and desks.

Due to the amount of time we can spend sitting in a day, we recommend considering aspects such as the ergonomics and comfort of your bar stool, especially if you will be spending a lot of time on it.

Designs with foam padding give you extra comfort in these cases.

Ideally, leave a space 25 centimeters between the height of the stool and the height of the bar or table so that a person can sit comfortably.

What is a hydraulic crank?

A barstool with a hydraulic gas mechanism offers the possibility to adjust the height stool through the action of a lever.

There are hydraulic cranks with different levels that you can adjust thanks to this mechanism, but there are also cranks without levels that you can adjust to any height.

A hydraulic bar stool is a perfect choice if you are looking for a stool that you can use comfortably on different places and surfaces or be used by people of different heights as needed.

How do you clean a barstool?

Cleaning a bar stool depends a lot on its properties. In general, plastic and stainless steel stools are very easy to clean. Wipe with a damp cloth and soap or detergent to remove dirt.

Upholstered stools, however, are more difficult to clean. The synthetic leather ones are usually also easy to clean, as the fabric is not very porous.

However, cloth-covered stools require more complicated maintenance, as they can stain easily, especially light-colored ones.

There are upholstery foams available To clean them that are specially made for cleaning textiles.

What are the pros and cons of bar stools?

As one of the main advantages of bar stools, we would like to point out the various designs, colors, and finishes that you will find on the market today.

Stools have become a decorative accessory in the home while fulfilling their primary function as a seat. Nowadays, you can also find stools with height adjustment and swivel stools.

Some of these more complex models can have a higher price range.


Great variety of designs

Comfort, especially in ergonomic models

Versatility, especially swivel and adjustable models


The price can be high on some models

Things to consider before buying a barstool

There are several aspects to consider before deciding on a bar stool. These include the type of material, the stool’s dimensions, and the design, depending on your needs.

Some are rotatable and collapsible, making them particularly adaptable to any space and easy to store. Here we explain in detail what you should pay attention to before buying a stool:


The material you choose is important because the resistance of the stool largely depends on it. Wooden stools add a cozy touch to your home, but they are not the best choice for outdoor use.

In addition, you need to be more careful to keep them in good condition and without scratches. On the other hand, plastic stools are perfect for outdoor use as they are weather-resistant and very easy to clean.

Finally, stainless steel stools are a good choice for both indoor and outdoor use, as they are a strong and durable material that can take a beating. They are also very easy to clean.

Bar stools are a great introduction to all of us. They add a touch of design to any room while fulfilling their primary function.


Second, you need to consider the space where you will place your stools. This includes the space in the room or outside and the height and length of the table.

The length of the table is also important because there must be space between the stools so that people can sit comfortably without being close to each other.

Finally, if your kitchen or living room is small, we recommend smaller stools so that they take up less space.


Swivel stools offer greater freedom of movement, as they can rotate their seat up to 360º. Therefore, these stools have greater functionality.

We recommend this type of stool for people working on it for a long time so that a static stool would limit their freedom of movement.

Another aspect to consider is stools with wheels on the base, which you can use to move around the room. These stools are also ideal for offices and workplaces.


If you have limited space in your home or want extra seating for visitors, folding stools allow you to use them only when you need them. Most take up very little space when folded and stored in any closet or under the bed.

Despite being foldable, this type of stool achieves the same stability as other non-folding stools.

Using a piston, in which gas is under high pressure, we can adjust the height of our stool to the size we want by operating the lever under the seat.


Nowadays, there are almost endless designs when it comes to bar stools.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find a stool that’s practical and easy to clean or one with more detail and velvety soft fabrics.

Just be aware that upholstered stools are harder to clean, especially light-colored ones and if they’re going to be in places like kitchens.

If you are looking for a bar stool for a restaurant or a busy place, leather-upholstered stools are an ideal choice, as they retain a sleek and modern design while being hardwearing and easy to clean.


As we’ve seen, bar stools are an ideal option that, in addition to fulfilling their main function as seating for high surfaces, also adds a touch of style you desire.

That’s why you have to consider aspects like the height, whether they provide a mechanism to adjust it or the type of material they are made of.

Our recommendation? Find a bar stool that fits your lifestyle for easy cleaning and, above all, to prioritize comfort, as we spend a large part of our time sitting on it when we eat or work.