Canary wood: Uses, Properties, Pros & Cons

Canary wood Uses, Properties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is canary wood?

Canary wood is also known as the only canary is wood with distribution from Panama to southern Brazil. The canary tree is about 65-100 feet tall, 2-3 feet trunk diameter.

It is a durable wood resistant to rot, attractive appearance in various colors, such as dark red, yellow, orange, and brown, and has a straight grain figured.

This wood has many advantages that are good for several things, such as flooring and veneers. Other common uses are furniture, construction lumber, railroad crossties, and others.

The properties of canary wood

As I said earlier, this is a wood of varying colors with stripes that tend to be darker. Canarywood grains are usually straight, although some are wavy due to the cutting factor.

Having an excellent natural luster with a fine to medium texture makes this wood even better.

In resistance to rot, canary wood is considered very durable. Similarly, resistant to marine borers and termites.

It’s also an easy wood to work with and can give off a distinct scent while it’s being worked. That could be a problem, or it might not be at all.

Canarywood advantages and disadvantages


Moderately priced: This is a wood with a quite exotic look, with a variety of colors. But that doesn’t make this wood expensive.

Because canary wood prices for imported hardwoods are moderate, several forms of wood may be offered, such as turning blanks or others.

But you may still be able to get a larger size for more needs.

Canary wood can be an alternative to zebrawood, with moderate prices and still good availability.

Although the two have quite different looks, they can still look like wood with changing color appearance.

Durable: The durability of canary wood is reliable.

Because this wood is considered resistant to attacks by marine borers and termites, so you don’t have to worry too much about your wooden objects becoming food for both insects.

Canarywood is also reported to have a very durable resistance to rot. That’s a good thing for some reasons, including for long-term use. Its attractive appearance can be beautiful furniture preserved in the family room.

You can use it for a long time because of its durability, and It Seems like outdoor use is also great for this wood.

Easy to work: Although some problems can occur, it’s a wood that is easy to work with machines and hand tools.

Canarywood is also rated to have good dimensional stability and glues, turns, and finishes nicely. You can work this wood as a beginner for practice, although we think it isn’t good for its moderate price.

However, making some things a good experiment to work. Do the planning carefully, and work the wood with the woodworking method you want.

There seem to be no reports of silica content to give a blunt effect on cutters.


Health risk: Canarywood can pose standard health risks, but there are no longer any health risks associated with all types of wood dust.

You have to be careful when working on canary wood, as several things can happen.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the users of tools and clothing that are friendly and support safety.

Canary wood for construction lumber

You can utilize canary wood as construction timber. That seems pretty good because this wood is hardwood and has good durability.

Several other properties may be the reason this wood is commonly used for it. Its price is in the moderate range, and its availability is also an advantage to be more useful. Use canary wood as the primary material for some parts of the construction being worked, or it can also be used as a support material.

There seems to be no problem with canary wood if you use it well. But don’t forget to improve the quality of the wood.

Canary wood for railroad crossties

Although it may not be the most widely used wood, it is also a common wood used as railroad crossties. However, you can still use this wood as a backup if the main wood is unavailable or the price is higher.

 From the information, we can tell that the popular woods in the forties are oak, karri, and jarrah. Maybe the three kinds of wood have suitable properties to be used as railroad crossties.

We wouldn’t say canary wood is better. Because maybe canary wood also has drawbacks that make it less popular to use than the three kinds of wood.

Canary wood for flooring

Just like zebrawood, canary wood is also commonly used as floorings. It seems like it’s a stable wood and is pretty good for it.

Its resistance to rot which is considered very durable, and its resistance to termites, are also characteristics that may be the reason canary wood is commonly used.

This is also wood with a pretty exotic look because it looks unique with a variety of colors.

It seems that you also have to maintain the natural look of canary wood when using it as flooring because it might be an artistic value that makes your home beautiful.

Canary wood for veneers

Maybe you plan to coat some furniture, or something else. If you’re having trouble finding beautiful veneers, you might want to try using canary wood.

It seems you don’t need to doubt the beauty of this wood, its durability, and ease of workability. Because it’s the advantage of canary wood, it can also be an alternative.

If zebrawood is too expensive or rarely available, then canary wood can be your choice.

You can make it yourself or buy a finished product. But we think you need to make your own to make it better and customize the appearance of grain figured.

Canary wood for boatbuilding

This can be used as a boatbuilding option because of several properties, especially its good resistance. This resistance can make it resistant in water, when stored on land, against decay and insect attack.

We think the appearance of this wood is also pretty good for it and will feature unique and beautiful boatbuilding, though perhaps less important.

Canarywood is also a species of hardwood, and it’s good for boatbuilding.

Some of the wood properties, such as hardness, density, and strength, may be reliable, although we haven’t had the trusted information on this yet.

Canary wood for furniture

We think owning or making some canary wood furniture is a good idea.

You can try making large furniture for long-term use because this is wood resistant to rot and termites.

The furniture will also look beautiful because of the appearance of canary wood, which has unique, highly figured with varying colors.

Moreover, the availability of canary wood seems to be still good, so it can be used to manufacture larger-sized furniture that requires more wood.

Canary wood for cabinetry

Another common use of canary wood in cabinetry. Maybe you need quite exotic wood at a moderate price, and we think this wood is the right choice.

You can use it for beautiful cabinetry in the kitchen or other rooms in your home.

We recommend keeping the natural look of canary wood instead of painting it black or white.

Because it looks like it will make your cabinetry look beautiful. Canarywood durability, no doubt, because it seems durable for it.

Canary wood for turned items

The last common use in this list is turned items. If you need beautiful wood to make some turned items, then canary wood is the right choice.

This wood has a variety of colors and can look beautiful if the right display is used. You can make decorative or valuable items to use. Don’t forget to carefully plan the turned items you want to make and use canary wood with a good look and fit with the item you want.