How To Get Polyurethane Off Hands – Easy Ways

There are many ways to get polyurethane off your hands. Depending on the type of polyurethane, you can use things like acetone, vinegar, dish soap, etc.

Use a mild soap and water that is about body temperature. Scrub your hands and fingers with a cloth to remove the polyurethane.

You may get a better clean on your hands by using a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol.

You can also use something with enzymes to get rid of polyurethane. Most of the time, these products have enzymes that break down the chemical bonds that hold polyurethane together.

You can use soap that kills germs or hand sanitizer for better cleaning.

If you used any of these products and still have polyurethane on your hands, you can get rid of it with rubbing alcohol.

Here we will share some easy methods and tips to help you get polyurethane off hands.

1. Acetone

Women are no stranger to acetone. Acetone products are known to be able to clean nail polish well.

In other words, acetone is known to have the ability to dissolve various chemical compounds well, including polyurethane.

Immediately clean your hands from the wet polyurethane using acetone. You can buy liquid acetone products at cosmetic stores.

You can use the pure chemical version if you can’t find this nail polish solvent at a cosmetic store. It’s just not recommended to use high-purity acetone.

Moreover, you are the same as having to say the acetone liquid directly into your hands. Use this method only in times of urgency when all other methods no longer work.

However, liquid acetone in the form of high purity can only be found in chemical stores.

2. Baby Oil

Using baby oil is a unique way to get polyurethane off your hands.

Who would have thought that baby oil also has the potential to be used to remove many stains, including polyurethane?

You pour baby oil on a cotton swab and wipe it on the hands affected by the polyurethane.

If you still have a small amount of polyurethane on your hands, do this step again.

Using baby oil is much safer for hand health than acetone and mineral spirit.

Many painters use baby oil to clean brushes. This method is done when the painter runs out of thinner.

You can apply this method to clean your hands at a very affordable price. The availability of baby oil itself is quite abundant in supermarkets and minimarkets.

This one method is worth it for you to try. No wonder many people use this method when their hands are accidentally exposed to polyurethane.

3. Mineral Spirit

Another material used to clean polyurethane from hands is mineral spirit. You can get mineral spirits from chemical stores or marketplaces.

The industry has often used the mineral spirit as a cleansing agent in industrial machines. It turns out that this material is also effective at cleaning hands.

When the polyurethane hasn’t dried, you can get the best results. However, if you experience polyurethane drying, you can still use mineral spirit to clean your hands.

You need to use it carefully. Moreover, the mineral spirit is a chemical that should not be used too often.

Then it would help if you still were careful every time you use polyurethane, so it doesn’t get in your hands. This is very influential on long-term hand health.

4. Lotion

You can also use a skin moisturizing lotion to remove the polyurethane sticking to your hands. Although not all lotions work, it’s still important to try this method.

Just use all the moisturizing lotions available at home. You do this by applying lotion and rubbing it all over the hands affected by polyurethane.

After it is felt enough to rub your hands, then you can try applying soap to your hands.

After that, rinse your hands thoroughly using running water. Do this method repeatedly until all the polyurethane has been cleaned.

Using lotion to clean hands is much safer than using chemicals such as acetone or mineral spirit.

The lotion availability is also abundant, so you can buy it easily at the nearest store.

But again, we emphasize that not all lotions successfully remove the polyurethane stuck to the hands.

5. Dish Soap

You can also get polyurethane Off your Hands by applying dish soap.

Your choice of dish soap will affect how effectively this works. Use dish soap with a high amount of surfactants, like 20 percent.

Dish soap containing these ingredients is usually of high quality so that it can remove polyurethane well from hands.

Cleaning hands from polyurethane in this way is very easy.

Apply two drops of soap to your hands. Scrub for 40 seconds and rinse with warm water.

If using this method once does not work, then you can do it twice and so on.

This method is also safer for hands than chemical acetone or mineral spirit.

6. Peanut Butter

The next method that seems unique is to clean your hands from polyurethane by applying peanut butter.

You can buy this ingredient at a cake raw material store or supermarket.

The price tag is also not too expensive compared to buying special chemicals at the chemical store. In addition, this method is also much safer for hand health.

The cleaning process can be done by rubbing peanut butter on the hands.

Rub on the affected area of ​​polyurethane repeatedly.

Take hand soap and rinse with water. You can repeat this method if the results obtained are less than optimal.

7. Olive Oil and Salt

Another way that you can apply to clean your hands is olive plus salt. Both of these ingredients can work to clean hands with a scrubbing system.

Olive oil will work to moisturize the skin while helping the release of polyurethane. While salt acts as an abrasive, which also helps remove dry polyurethane.

You can apply this method repeatedly whenever working with polyurethane. Both of these ingredients can help the skin regeneration process as well.

Just apply this mixture to your hands and rub it repeatedly. Apply and rub again all over the hands.

If you use warm water, you can reduce this step; if not, all the polyurethane is lifted.

8. Denatured Alcohol

Another chemical that can also be used to clean polyurethane is denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol acts as a solvent.

You can use alcohol to remove polyurethane from your hands. This works well for all types of polyurethane, including polyurethane-based paints.

Apply the solution to your hands by mixing one part rubbing alcohol with three parts water. You will see the polyurethane disappear.

But those who use this must be careful because it is flammable. Do not wash your hands in a place close to a fire. You can buy this chemical in the chemical store.

But you need to know that denatured alcohol is a chemical that is less safe in the hands.

Too often, using this material to wash your hands can dry the skin.

Only use denatured alcohol when other methods have not worked for cleaning polyurethane on hands after you worked to make furniture.