How To Get Rid Of Minwax Stain Smell

Why Does Minwax Stain Give Strong Smell? After you repair your apartment or house by staining the wood materials, you soon realize that the smell from wood stains such as Minwax is so strong that it doesn’t go away easily.

If you are looking for a way to eliminate the Minwax stain smell, this article will help you accomplish your goal.

Minwax and other wood stains are made using chemical compounds and added preservatives emitting strong smells.

Moreover, the ingredients are also toxic for humans, animals, and the environment if the vapor is inhaled.

For this reason, getting rid of these smells of your furniture is essential after you’re done staining your wooden projects.

To remove the Minwax stain smell, you need to provide ventilation or use tools or substances to absorb the smell until they disappear.

How To Eliminate Minwax Stain Smell

To remove the smell of Minwax stain, follow the instructions below:

  • Use an exhaust fan and place it in the room where you do your projects.
  • If you don’t have an exhaust fan, you can open your windows wide to allow good air circulation. If you have air purifiers or fans, turn those on to help eliminate the smell of your room.
  • Use several containers, fill them with baking soda, and place them everywhere in the room where your stained projects are.
  • If you are trying to remove the smell from stained furniture, put the container inside or on top of the furniture.
  • Wait for 8 to 12 hours; after that, turn off all air purifiers or fans, then close windows.
  • Wait for a day (24 hours) for the smell to disappear.
  • After 24 hours, go to the room and check if the smell has disappeared. If the Minwax stain smell persists, you must repeat the process. You can also pour charcoal powder or distilled white vinegar into containers, put them in the room at night, and let them stay there until morning.
  • In the morning, check the room again. You can repeat this process as often as possible until it finally removes the smell from your wooden projects.

You can also use another method mentioned below to eliminate the smell of Minwax wood stain.

Provide Adequate Ventilation In Your Working Room To Remove Minwax Smell

This simple method is suitable for removing the Minwax stain smell from your room and wooden surfaces. Provide proper ventilation in the room continuously.

Open all possible openings to let the airflow and eliminate the smell. The fresh air coming from outside will accelerate the stain drying process.

If you are working in the winter season, you must leave your house with all the windows open for a few days. After returning, the stain will disappear, and the stain will be completely dried.

Winter is very cold, and we all know that leaving windows open can be painful for most people.

You can follow these tips to speed up the drying process of Minwax stain smell by only half-opening your windows instead of fully opening them.

Use Air Conditioner To Ventilate The Room And Remove The Minwax Smell

For this trick to work, your air conditioner must have a feature that can pass air through filters. If you use other types of AC without this feature, then it will not work.

Many types of air conditioners also provide air purification systems. This system will remove unpleasant smells in your room. You need to set the AC with air purification and warm air modes.

After setting your AC to purify and warm up the room, it will absorb air from the room, heat it, and clean it. Thus, the Minwax smell will be removed by your AC.

You must understand that not all air conditioners have an equal cleaning system. Depending on the brands and machine quality of the AC, it may take a long time or a short time to clean up the smell of Minwax stain.

Use An Air Humidifier To Remove The Smell of Minwax Temporarily

The other way you can try to get rid of that bothersome stain smell from Minwax is to use an air humidifier.

Turn on the device at full power to clean up the odor. You also have to wipe the floors and furniture several times a day.

Air humidifiers can’t permanently remove the Minwax smell, so if you are looking for long-term solutions, you need to find other ways.

Here are other ways to eliminate the Minwax smell using homemade remedies.

Use Baking Soda To Absorb The Stain Smell

Baking soda is a good tool to absorb the smell and can remove the stain smell from Minwax. Here’s how to use baking soda.

First, sprinkle your room with baking soda. Sprinkle it on your carpet, floor, and other surfaces evenly. When applying the powder, baking soda will decrease the wood stain smell.

We advise you not to sprinkle the baking soda on where it is hard to clean as you need to clean the powder later.

Leave the baking soda on the surfaces overnight and remove the powder using a vacuum cleaner the next day.

For your information, vacuuming alone is not enough to clean the powder. Using clean water, you also need to rinse hard surfaces such as window sills.

You can re-apply the powder as often as you wish until the smell of Minwax is hardly noticeable.

White Vinegar Can Help Normalize Minwax Stain Odor

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant that can help remove stains and neutralize any bad odors, including the smell of Minwax.

White vinegar contains acidic components that can remove bad odors and kill bacteria.

To use white vinegar, pour it into four bowls and place them in your working room. Let the vinegar containers stay inside for 2 to 3 days.

Then, you can do a smell test to check whether the Minwax stain smell has been removed.

Coffee Grounds Works Well To Remove Wood Stain Smell

You can use coffee grounds to remove Minwax stains. All you need to do is put the coffee grounds in a bowl or other container.

After that, put it in your working room. If the room is big, you can place 4 containers of coffee grounds in four corners of your working room.

To fully remove the odors, you must frequently replace the coffee grounds in the containers.


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