Greenheart Wood Uses

Greenheart Wood Uses You Need To Know

Greenheart wood is well-known as the densest and most durable tropical hardwood.

Fir or pine is way weaker than Greenheart wood.

That is why Greenheart wood has been used in many construction sectors.

More than that, the wood has more uses and details.

They are presented below.

The characteristics of Greenheart wood

These types of hardwood originally growing in Guyana, Chlorocardium rodiei or Greenheart wood, have pale olive-green heartwood and yellowish-green sapwood that are pretty hard to differentiate since no marked transition.

Other Greenheart wood characteristics are as follow:

It has natural luster with straight to interlocked grains and fine texture

It has no particular odor or taste

It isn’t easy to glue because of its crude oil

It tends to end split and dries slowly

Other names of greenheart wood: Bibiru, Sipiri, Kevatuk (Guyana), Beeberoe, Demerara, groenhart, Sipiroe (Surinam)

Pros and Cons of Greenheart wood

Just like any other tree, Greenheart wood also has its pros and cons.

If you want to buy or use this wood, here are some things to consider:

The pros:

It has the best durability

It lasts well in water or wet area.

Moreover, it is also resistant to pests, insects, or fungi that could destroy the wood.

The heartwood is rated as highly resistant to attacks by marine borers, but this may vary from one locality to another.

Highly resistant to attack by dry-wood termites.

It is dense

Its strength is suitable for commercial uses and heavy works that other types of wood might not able.

It sinks

With a density greater than the water, this wood sinks quickly.

It makes most of Greenheart Wood’s uses are related to water.

The cons:

It is limited

It is pretty rare in lumber form since it is mainly sold for outdoor materials.

Moreover, nowadays, the tree is put on the red list because of the great reduction in the last decades.

It is hard to work on

The wood is rock hard, even just to cut/saw.

People need to change blades often while working on the wood.

Specific techniques are also needed to cut it effectively.

There was even news telling that the wood exploded and flying off while getting sawed.

Another down of the wood is that it could be sensitive for some people.

Greenheart wood for furniture

Greenheart wood is a tropical hardwood world-renowned for its strength and durability and is specially milled for your desired project.

By knowing green wood characteristics, pros, and cons, this wood can provide any furniture product you can imagine.

Type of furniture that you can make with greenheart wood:

  • Solid table with Rezin epoxy
  • Industrial dining table
  • Rustic table
  • And many kinds of solid table slabs type

Creating a piece of furniture with greenheart wood is about imagination and inspiration, don’t limit it.

Observe and experiment with your new project with any wood, whether that softwood or hardwood.

Greenheart wooden objects

Although this type of Greenheart Wood uses is relatively uncommon, some smaller objects are made of wood. They include:

  • Longbows
  • Fishing rods
  • Walking sticks
  • Billiard cue butts
  • Belaying pins
  • Turnery
  • Mortars

Greenheart wood for flooring

Apart from the cons, the big wood industry indeed has its way of making the best product from the wood.

Flooring, as an example, is the best product of the wood.

Greenheart floor has a dark, brown, and greenish color.

The final look is a mostly deep brown. It gives an exotic and unique look.

Its durability and insect-resistant are making the floor last longer.

Compared to other floors, the Greenheart wood floor is easier to maintain.

In house construction

Not only for the floor but in a house building, the wood is also used for other parts like framing. Windows, ceilings, and roofs are just Greenheart Wood use in timber framing for house construction.

Greenheart wood can be made to build a complete tropical tiny house.

The greenheart wood panel system has few design limits, is adaptable to many architectural features, and is affordable.

Greenheart wood is also used to make gazebos and pergolas.

For the outside, wood is commonly used for gates.

It is better to request the wood in a particular size since cutting it off is quite time-consuming.  

Greenheart wood for marine construction

As mentioned before, the wood serves well in water. Hence, bridges, piers, jetties, docks, wharves, dock pilings, groins, canal locks, pool cues, and other constructions in water are recommended to use Greenheart wood.

Many constructions are proofing the stiffness and durability of the wood, such as Manchester Dock in Liverpool. 

Ship making

Other astonishing proofs of Greenheart Wood’s uses are the Amundsen and Shackleton ships.

Those are the finest ships made of wood that could reach the South Pole.

Of course, they are made of Greenheart wood as the outer layer to resist the ice.

Besides the outer layer, the wood is also used for gangways, engine bearers, planking, and other parts in ships. 

Greenheart wood as Essential oil & Medicine

Surprisingly, Greenheart Wood uses include Medicine.

The bark and the decoction of the wood could be used to treat diarrhea and fever.

In addition, the wood is also processed into an essential oil nowadays.

Even though the dry Greenheart wood is odorless, the essential oil does carry the fresh tree or freshly-cut Greenheart bark.

The oil is believed to relieve common cold, body pain, and others.

It is therapeutic and used in massage.

Greenheart wood giving precious aromatic has its tenacious aromatic qualities and aromatherapy value. 

Distilled Greenheart wood makes it become dark reddish amber-colored essential oil. 

The aroma makes a unique and complex woody base note for natural fragrances and scented bath and body products.

Greenheart wood oil is beneficial in massage oil and relief from tension and stress.

General use of this essential oil is:  

  • as a natural perfume
  • bath and body skincare
  • incense
  • massage oils
  • spa treatment oils
  • and mature skincare

In summary, below what are the greenheart wood uses:

  • Greenheart wood for furniture
  • wooden projects
  • wood flooring and decking
  • Construct and Building a house
  • Marine construction
  • Ship and boat making
  • Essential oil & Medicine