Hardest Wood

Types of the hardest wood in US

Wood is part of the plant, it can be the stems, branches, or twigs, which undergoes a lignification process to become hard. 

Wood is very useful and has been used by humans since ancient times. Wood has many benefits for everyday life. Wood can be used for cooking, making furniture in the house, as a material for building, and so on. 

Wood is formed through a fairly long process. Before hardening, the cellulose in plants has accumulated with lignin in the cell walls.

At this time, in order to obtain the best quality wood, research has been made. To find the best wood, the wood must be classified by its characters. 

Wood character classification refers to characters such as physical, chemical, and different ways of handling wood. 

Usually, wood that is widely used is wood that is hard, does not transmit heat, is waterproof, and is also easy to shape. Wood with the above specifications usually has a fairly expensive price which is equivalent to its quality.

If you choose wood as a home building material, you must be careful and check it thoroughly. 

Wood is known as a product that has natural beauty, but being beautiful is not enough, the quality must be perfect. 

If you want to use wood for floors, furniture, etc., you should choose wood that has durable characters. You have to understand the characters of wood and the types of wood. 

Each wood has a different cell structure that makes it unique and has a different physical appearance. The differences that exist also indicate what the wood is unique

What is the hardest wood in US?

Hardwoods are the most sought-after types and also the hardest wood in the US. Hardwoods are types of wood that come from plants with certain specifications. First, plants that have wide leaves.

This type of wood usually comes from plants that produce fruit or nuts. In addition, usually, plants that wither in winter can also become Hardwoods. 

This type of wood is abundant in the forests of North America. There are many different types of wood from oak, cherry, ash, maple, and many more. 

Usually, hardwoods have durable characters. In addition, this wood also has various and unique textures, motifs, and colors.

Type of Hardwoods

Hardwood has many types. If you want to use Hardwood, then you have identified the wood you chose from the hardware type. 

There are hundreds of species that can be classified as good wood. And it is possible that we will be dizzy in choosing and determining which one is most suitable. 

Here are some types of hardwood that you can make a reference if you are looking for the type of wood that is most suitable for the American people.


The oak tree has a native habitat that grows in the northern hemisphere. At first, this tree was often found in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and part of Asia which had cold weather. 

In America and Europe, this tree usually grows wild in the surrounding environment. In villages and cities, this tree is easy to find. 

The oak tree has a very long life can be up to hundreds of years. In the past, people planted this tree with the purpose

This wood is perhaps one of the most frequently encountered for works. This wood is most chosen, the hardest wood in the US, and used in various types of furniture at home. 

This wood is suitable for a variety of furniture such as doors, floors, furniture, cabinets, and others. 

Usually, the wood has a slightly reddish color and is pale. But if it’s already polished, this wood usually has a dark reddish-brown color.

Oakwood is very strong and hard. This wood has large pores and also has an aesthetic appearance compared to other types of wood. 

However, this wood also has advantages and disadvantages. Oakwood has wide pores, this causes this type of wood to be strong with humid weather. But on the other hand, this wood is also not resistant to heat because it bends easily. 

So if you want to use this wood, it’s better to use it inside the house. Because of its large pores, this wood is also easy to crack. For maximum durability, it is advisable to treat this wood by applying oil.


Maple wood naturally looks similar to the wood from an oak tree. The wood of this tree is whitish or slightly yellow. 

Furniture tree wood is usually used in home furnishings and is also used when you want bright wood accents without having to do the painting. Maple trees also have two types of wood, namely hard maple and soft maple

If you pay attention to the wood around you, you may notice that the guitar, bowling floor, and basketball flooring have a light wood color. 

Maybe what is used is wood from the Maple tree. Maple wood can also be used for other furniture such as ceilings, walls, chairs, tables, cabinets, and others.

There are two types of Maple wood, hard and soft. These two types come from two different types of Maple trees. 

Maple trees with broad leaves produce tough wood. Meanwhile, furniture trees with oval leaves tend to produce softwood. 

Of course, these hard and softwood have their respective functions and can still be used properly.

Apart from being useful, the furniture tree has also been unique since it hasn’t fully grown. Maple trees have leaves that change color according to the season. 

Maple trees are often found in America. In addition, America also exports wood from maple trees. 

This tree can grow anywhere and has begun to be cultivated in countries other than America. With a strong type of wood and beautiful leaf colors, Maple trees, the hardest wood in the US, are in great demand by all people.


The Walnut tree is a tree that grows in many regions of America, the Middle East, China, Europe, and Kyrgyzstan. 

Walnut trees often thrive in mountainous areas. This tree can grow up to 30 meters. Usually, if a walnut tree grows, the land around it will also grow other walnut trees. 

This tree is very dominating and can take up an area only for the tree population itself

The wood of the walnut tree is unique and has a natural dark brown color. The most common colors are dark brown and blackish brown. 

Walnut wood usually does not have a motif that is too inconspicuous, hollow, and very popular as the main material for making furniture. This wood has very good quality. 

Walnut wood can have a very high level of hardness and also withstand a variety of extreme weather. It is also not prone to warping or shrinkage.

Walnut wood is used for various things such as building materials, as well as the interior and exterior of a house or building. 

If you apply walnut wood to the room around you, you will get a new impression. 

Although the building materials are usually only cement and brick, walnut wood, the hardest wood in the US, can and is suitable as a building material. 

Besides being strong and sturdy, the color wood also seems natural and has good aesthetic value.

Lots of hotels use colored wood for interior and exterior use. Guests who come to the hotel will feel the beauty of the walnut wood motif and also get a feeling of comfort because of the natural atmosphere created by the wooden decorations. 

Usually colored wood is used as cabinets, doors and windows, floors, wall panels, kitchen sets, and much more.

Cherry wood

If you hear the word Cherry, you will remember the sweet red fruit. The cherry tree not only produces delicious fruit and is suitable for consumption, but also produces wood of a strong quality. 

The cherry tree produces one of the hardest that exists in the United States. The wood of the cherry tree is dark brown to almost black. 

The wood of the cherry tree is very popular because it is easy to work with and has a straight and stable pattern. This makes cherry, the hardest wood in the US, is easier for the wood to be cut during wood processing.

Many countries in the world import wood from cherry trees. Cherry wood which has various colors ranging from yellow, red, dark brown to black can give a warm atmosphere in the house. This wood is perfect for interior and exterior decoration. 

If you want to paint cherry wood, you have to use a special liquid because if it is not correct it will look like it has specks. This reduces the aesthetic value of cherry wood.

Cherry trees can grow to 35 meters, this means that the wood produced by cherry trees can have a high size. The cherry tree does not have a long age, this tree can only grow up to 20 years. 

Cherry trees are often attacked by disease and can also die from being eaten by insects. However, wood produced from cherry trees is durable as long as the wood has been dried to withstand damage.

If you want to use cherry wood for house building, the wood can be directly attached to the concrete so that it is not difficult to install. The cherry wood used for the floor also gives a natural feel and a unique pattern. 

Cherry wood can also be a beautiful floor as an alternative rather than using marble or ceramic tiles. Although cherry wood for floors usually tends to be thin, it is still resistant to stamping and also has aesthetic value.