Redwood: The Versatile and Exotic Wood

Have you ever thought about what kind of house will be the house of your dreams in the future? 

Have you ever thought about a design that you will use to make your dream home a reality? 

How about the layout and furniture? 

If these questions have ever crossed your mind, then the question of what furniture is suitable for the dream house that I am about to make will surely cross your mind too.

Furniture is something that cannot be separated from the topic of conversation around the house, because in addition to its function, to get a house that suits you, then you must be able to choose the right furniture. 

Furniture is essential things consisting of tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas that can fill the space in your home. 

In general, what you need to know about the furniture you are going to buy is the material for which it is made, whether using natural or artificial wood. 

This material determines the quality and price of the furniture. Therefore, you must have at least a little knowledge about the right types of wood as raw material for making your dreams furniture.

Currently, the furniture that is popular nowadays is furniture which made of redwood. 

Redwood, or which has the Latin name Sequoia sempervirens, it has a red color according just like its name, but the resulting red color varies from brownish red to pink. 

Redwood trees can grow to a height of more than 100 meters. This is what makes redwood declared as the tallest tree in the world. This tree is also known as the oldest tree in the world because redwoods can live for up to a century and a half. 

This tree species has the best habitat in areas with high rainfall and humid air. Uniquely, unlike other wood which gradually turns white or fades due to weathering, redwood wood will darken over time.

With living habitats in environments that have high rainfall and humidity, it can be ascertained that redwood is resistant to water and moisture and is resistant to insects, especially the core of redwood which is included in the soft wood category. 

So, it is not a surprise if this is the reason why this wood is very suitable for use as raw material for making outdoor and indoor furniture.

The decay of redwoods occur for a long time. However, even if the decay will eventually occur, there are efforts that can be made to slow down the decay process such as sealing in the right way.

There are several things to consider if you want to seal your redwood, such as humidity, choosing the right sealer, and also the weather and conditions when you are going to seal it. 

Weather, conditions and the right temperature are better when it’s cold, expect not to seal your redwood when it is windy outside. Avoid hot temperatures as this will cause your sealer to evaporate. 

One thing you need to remember, sealent installation is only to prevent rot, not to prevent redwood from hot temperatures.

Uses of Redwood

The color of redwood wood which has a natural color, namely brownish red, makes this wood is made a lot to be decorative furnitures. 

In addition, there are other functions of Redwood which are of course very diverse, here is an overview.


The first function of redwood is as a veener. 

Actually, veener has 4 different types and their respective functions, namely Wood Veneer, HPL or High Pressure Laminate, PVC laminate sheet, and Melaminto. 

The use of this veener must be adjusted to the material to be coated, for example if you want to coat kitchen furniture, the most appropriate veener to use is HPL.

Meanwhile, redwood veneer is a veener that has a thickness of 0.24 mm to 3 mm which is obtained through the process of stripping redwood. 

Redwood’s veins are often the choice as a finishing material, both for furniture or raw materials such as plywood or blackboard. 

In addition to finishing, this type of redwood veneer is also used to level uneven wood surfaces. By using veener redwoods, furniture prices will be relatively cheaper than using solid wood material.

Construction Lumber

Redwood as construction lumber is one of the most common uses. Lumber constraction is a basic but important thing that someone needs if they want to build a building.

This construction wood, especially those made from redwood, has several properties such as materials derived from nature. 

The next characteristic is the construction lumber which is made from redwood which has natural resistance, which means that without adding any chemicals this type of wood can be used outdoors. 

In addition, if we build a building using redwoods, then when we want to renovate the building, the wood can still be used again.

Deck and Fence

In making decks and fences, wood is the main material. In line with its function, when we make a fence, what is expected is that we are protected. 

The choice of redwood as a material for making fences is very appropriate given the strong nature of this wood and has the appropriate durability for making fences.

In addition, its water resistant nature is very suitable because the fence is located outside the house, which means it will often be exposed to extreme weather. 

For those of you who own a villa or hotel, using redwood as a deck is an option that you can try. 

The colour of redwood will strengthen the character of your villa or hotel. Redwood decks work best when combined with a fish pond or swimming pool.

Although redwood is known as water resistant wood, to avoid premature rot, make sure there is no water that stagnates for too long on your deck or fence. 

In fact, you need to install underground drainage channels to avoid stagnant water on your deck. Another way is to apply redwood oil to your decks and fences. 

In an effort to prevent premature decay of redwoods, it is not recommended to use opernis. 

This is because, installing decks and fences that are installed outdoors will make the varnish peel off, and can even damage your decks and fences.

Exterior Furniture

The most prevalent use of redwood today is its use as the main material for exterior furniture. 

The red warrants that redwood have are very attractive to many people. If you have researched and studied the types of wood, you will find a poolside patio made of redwood. 

If you go to park for a picnic, it’s not uncommon for you to find a redwood picnic table that will add to the aesthetic of your picnic.

The strength and durability of redwood is suitable for picnic tables that will be used by many people. Another example of using redwood as exterior furniture is in making chairs. 

All houses have chairs, this is because chairs are considered the main furniture in a house. 

It looks simple, but if you are smart and tricky, use redwood as the main material for the chair, then it will look magnificent without you having to paint it anymore because its natural color.

Musical Instruments

Redwood as a musical instrument is one of the most unique functions of redwood. As we know, most musical instruments use wood as their basic material. 

In general, wood that is suitable for use as raw material for musical instruments is wood that is light and has strong fibers.

Redwood has a beauty that is quite rare for other woods, so that redwood is included in the wood with an exotic category. Exotic wood is a wood that has an amazing grain shape and its availability is limited. 

Other examples of exotic woods that you can only find in certain regions of the world are zebrawood, korina, bubinga, limba, mahogany, spalted maple and lacewood.

Making guitars, basses, violins, ukulele or other musical instruments using redwood will only require clear natural paint or a little transparent paint for the finishing, this aims to still show the beauty of the wood. 

The use of this exotic wood has been recognized by musical instrument manufacturers and has been produced. 

They say the use of exotic wood, especially redwood, will give an elegant impression when the instrument is played. 

Consumer demand for redwood music instrument is fairly high even though some people say the choice of wood is just a matter of taste.

Water Tank

The most outstanding property of redwood is its resistance to moisture, this is what people see and they start using redwood as a water tank or vessel for other water containers.

In addition, another characteristic of redwood wood is that it does not cause odor or taste, so it will not change the taste of the water stored in the tank. Redwood is also suitable for use as a raw material for making rum or wine barrels.

With the nature of redwood and its respective uses, it is certain that redwood is a versatile wood that can be used in any field.