Hepplewhite Furniture

Here Are Some Tips to Identify Authenticity the Hepplewhite Furniture

Hepplewhite furniture is one type of antique furniture that many people are looking for. 

This is the type of furniture masterpiece of George Hepplewhite, a cabinetmaker from Great Britain. 

Always using solid wood that is strong and durable, Hepplewhite Furniture is often hunted by many people until now.

When minimalist furniture such as industrial furniture is currently a trend, Hepplewhite furniture is still in demand by many people today. 

Classically elegant design with durable wood material made George Hepplewhite’s furniture in demand by many people to fill their residence.

Even so, it seems quite difficult to find genuine Hepplewhite furniture with good quality. This is because a lot of antique furniture is often faked by irresponsible cabinetmakers. 

Be careful because a lot of antique furniture that is visible from the outside could be new furniture that has been reproduced to make it look antique and classic.

Just like Hepplewhite furniture, it turns out that many are reproduced and some are even faked. 

But don’t worry, here’s how to find out the authenticity of Hepplewhite furniture

Solid wood

Hepplewhite furniture always uses durable solid wood such as rosewood, sycamore, birch, and tulipwood.

Legs style

Pay attention to the legs of Hepplewhite furniture. In this type of furniture, the legs are always straight with a square base at the bottom

Classic elegant design

Hepplewhite furniture always has a classic elegant design. Although there are some who maintain the wood slab model, the antique impression is still maintained

Antique Marks

Keep in mind that the original Hepplewhite furniture always retains the shell and bellflower on the back of the chair.

These are the characteristics of Hepplewhite furniture that is difficult to be imitated by other furniture and also to determine the authenticity of this type of furniture