How To Date Waterfall Furniture

There are several ways to date your waterfall furniture, but the most common is to use your calendar and the year your piece was built.

A piece of furniture should be placed in a similar setting to show the design’s full effect. This way, you can show the furniture’s history and the story behind its design.

Waterfall furniture is one of the most distinctive pieces of home decor. This furniture can bring an artistic element into your home.

The most difficult aspect of dating waterfall furniture is its long process.

It takes a long time to locate the furniture in your home, and you need a lot of effort to find out about the piece’s history and decide whether to keep it, and it requires much patience to bring the furniture to perfection.

To help you date waterfall furniture, take some time and read the following tips.

What is Waterfall Furniture?

Waterfall furniture is a popular style back in the 1920s and 1930s.

These years were the period of Art Deco. It was primarily manufactured for bedroom suites and for the mass market.

It is made of plywood rather than solid wood.

People used the term “waterfall” to describe a particular furniture type with soft curves and rounded edges that make the furniture style look like a waterfall.

The material that is often used to make waterfall furniture is wood. However, they can also be made of plastic or metal.

If you want to buy or collect waterfall furniture, you have to understand a few things:

  • Firstly, look at the furniture label which reads “Waterfall.” This label helps you to identify the furniture style.
  • Next, look for furniture that has clean, curved edges and simple lines. This is how to recognize waterfall furniture’s characteristics.
  • You can also look for furniture that is made of wood since woods are the typical materials used to make waterfall furniture.
  • Find furniture in light colors. These colors are also commonly found on waterfall furniture.
  • Ask an expert if you don’t know the furniture’s date. They will assist you in determining the age of the furniture based on its materials and style.

When Did Waterfall Furniture Get Popular?

Waterfall furniture is pretty popular around the 1920s and 1930s.

Due to the great depression, many furniture manufacturers tried to find a way to create affordable furniture targeted at the middle class.

As a result, they finally invented a new method. They made waterfall furniture using red gum tree wood, which was quite strong but relatively cheap.

The characteristics of curved lines and sleek appearance make this piece of furniture so unique. It is often made using mahogany or walnut wood. The stains are usually in dark or lacquered colors.

The design of  Waterfall Furniture

Most of the pieces in a waterfall are made of plywood with a veneer on top. These pieces can be very fancy, but they are not solid. Using plywood meant that the edges could be rounded, which is how the waterfall got its name.

This style of furniture took off after the Great Depression.

Due to their low prices, many people with different incomes could buy these pieces, which was a big deal when things were scarce.

The Art Deco style is clear in this furniture, which was made for a market that wanted stylish furniture that wasn’t too expensive.

The simple shapes, modern curves, and often delicate-looking pulls and details, combined with warm wood tones, give a room a modern yet homey feel.

The waterfall furniture style went out of style when new materials and designs came out, and people could buy more expensive things.

Most waterfall handles look like Art Deco or Nouveau. Handles and pulls were made from any combination of metals, wood, and plastics. They were often shaped like sculptures.

The Value Of Waterfall Furniture

Waterfall furniture is a type that was famous in the period of Art Deco.

This waterfall style has sleek and streamlined characteristics.

It also has curved lines. The materials are often metal or wood. It also often has mirror accents or features glass.

This type of furniture is frequently wanted by those who call themselves collectors. That’s why this furniture can be very valuable.

If you have waterfall furniture and wish to sell it, you must research its worth.

The value of waterfall furniture can be influenced by a few factors, like its condition, age, and its source of origin.

It is also important to let professionals help you in assessing your piece of waterfall furniture if you are going to sell them.

They will help you to give price estimation. After you learn the worth of your furniture, then you can begin the selling process.

The Popularity Of Antique Waterfall Furniture

Eileen Gray and Jean-Michel Frank were two designers who brought this waterfall style to popularity.

This waterfall style was often used as style interiors in Hollywood Regency. Nowadays, many collectors are after this piece of furniture and are ready to spend a lot of money to obtain one.

If you have this piece of antique waterfall furniture, you must take care of it. Keep it out from direct sunlight and polish it frequently to protect the furniture’s finish from vanishing.

The Value Of A Waterfall Dresser

This type of dresser is designed in such a way that it resembles a waterfall.

A waterfall dresser is so named because the front side of the dresser typically includes two or more glass panels connected to resemble a waterfall.

The waterfall dresser is quite popular around the 20th century. The woods or mahogany used to make this furniture are from faraway places.

The price of a waterfall dresser depends on various factors such as its condition, age, and provenance.

A waterfall dresser still in good condition and from a popular maker is likely to be sold at a higher price than one in poor condition, or the maker is not well-known.

Because the veneers are thin and the glue is weak, waterfall pieces can get many marks.

There are ways for antique restorers and woodworkers to fix damage to a veneered piece, but most waterfall furniture is not worth enough to warrant this cost.

Waterfall furniture may be light, veneer, and usually a little bit broken, but for some people, it has a special place in their hearts and makes their home feel special.

Is It OK To Paint Waterfall Furniture?

Painting waterfall furniture is a good idea if you wish to add an elegant touch to your house. Because waterfall furniture is generally made of wood, selecting paint with the right ingredients is important to ensure that the finish can be long-lasting.

Painting the surface, using the incorrect style hardware, or failing to match woods will ruin your furniture.

We will give you a few tips for choosing the right paints:

  • Quality is an important part when buying paints, so choose paint with high quality to make your furniture looks the best and most durable!
  • Prepare your waterfall furniture.
  • Use a primer to make the paint adhere to your furniture and add a great base coat.
  • When painting, do it in thin layers to prevent the formation of brush strokes on the last coat of paint.
  • Let the paint dry before adding a second coat. This will make your finish smooth and even.

Waterfall Desk

A waterfall desk has a platform on one side and steps leading down to the floor.

You can use the raised platform to store electronic stuff such as a computer. You can use the steps to rest your feet.

A waterfall desk is a good choice if you want a modern, space-saving, functional, and stylish desk.

How To Restore Waterfall Furniture?

To restore your waterfall furniture, remove the old finish, do the sanding process, and apply a new finish.

Use a chemical stripper to clean up the old finish.

You can also use sandpaper. If you choose to use a chemical stripper, make sure you follow the instructions properly.

Once you have successfully removed the old finish, sand the furniture down until it turns to bare wood. After the sanding is done, you can start applying a new finish. Use paint or stain to finish the piece.

The important thing to remember when repairing waterfall furniture is to keep as much of the original as possible.

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