Find Out How To Repair Split Wood

Those who think their wooden furniture is durable might have thought they don’t have to learn how to repair split wood.

The fact is that wood can split due to several reasons. Some kinds of wood can indeed last for years. Yet, there are times when homeowners see their wooden furniture gets damaged.

The good news is that anyone can repair split wooden furniture. Don’t just throw it away because there are simple techniques for repairing damaged wood. Repairing wooden furniture doesn’t require complicated tools, though.

What to Prepare

What users need is superglue to solve this problem. It works very well in bonding wood pieces securely. But remember that it only works for wood furniture with minor cracks.

Or superglue is also good for sticking small wood pieces.

A good alternative to superglue is epoxy resin. Fortunately, the method of repairing split wood is similar, whether users use superglue or resin.

It is as simple as putting the resin or glue on the intact furniture piece. Press both sides until they are secure.

Users should ensure that the pressure is very tight so there is no gap. Afterward, remove the glut glue or resin when it is already dry. Once the process is finished, apply stain to provide a flawless finish.

Hard Scratches

There are times when there are hard scratches on the wooden furniture surfaces. The first thing on the owners’ minds is throwing it away. But actually, they can make over wooden furniture.

First things first, try sanding the wooden furniture. It is even better when the furniture isn’t too big. Start sanding the paint or stain of the wooden furniture. Sand with grain can make the surface smooth.

Once all scratches and dents are removed, brush off the dust particles. After the whole surface is really clean, paint it. Staining the wood is also a good alternative to make any wooden furniture piece looks new.

Even furniture owners can repair split boards easily. They should detect the splits early. Once they notice any split, then there should be fast action. However, there are chances to avoid splits.

Owners can cut a piece of lumber at least three inches before using it. By doing this, owners can minimize bigger problems due to split wood.

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Repairing Split Wood Beams

Split wood beams can happen when the wood is exposed to elements like water and snow. Wood beams can get damaged after several years. The bad news is that treated wood beams can still get damaged.

But, there is also good news. Repairing wood beams is easy to repair. However, it depends on the damage. Whenever the damage reaches more than fifty percent, users might need to replace it instead of repairing it.

When wooden furniture rots, it can be due to dampness. It is even worse when the wood is soaked in water for longer. So, try reaching the tough timber by removing all rotten parts,

Then, prepare wood filler in a bowl. Mix it until it is putty consistently. Then, fill the wood portions with the filler and press the filler fully. This is to ensure that all the wood portions are filled.

The wood filler will solidify within several hours. The putty is hardened when users cannot dent it any longer. When it is already hardened, then users can shape it to suit the wooden beam before painting it to make it fully restored.

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Avoiding Rot in Wood Beams

Too much exposure to moisture is the main cause of rotted wood beams. This is why it is important to keep wood in a dry area. This is to ensure that there is no thriving fungus.

However, the fungus is not the only enemy of wood beams. Rotten wood can occur because of termites, which can grow rapidly in a moist atmosphere. The attack of termites can eliminate the wood’s strength.

Too much rot can damage wooden furniture. This is why keeping wooden furniture away from water or moisture exposure is crucial. This is to ensure that there is a very slight chance of repairing the wood beam.

Repairing Split Wood Furniture Without Any Hassle

Many homeowners have tried fixing split wood without cutting. It is as easy as applying glue within the split using a sharp and flat tool. However, this method isn’t applicable when the wooden furniture is warping.

Then, hold the board tightly together. Make sure the glue within the joint can squeeze out onto the wooden furniture surface. Leave the two sides of the board tightly until the glue dries.

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Repairing Cracks in Furniture

Epoxy is the key when it comes to fixing cracks in wooden furniture. Yet, other required supplies include putty sticks, wood filler, and water putty. For the finishing, prepare a stain or oil that matches the damaged furniture.

However, there are different tools for small and large cracks. For the small cracks, users only need basic supplies like fine-grit sandpaper, wood-tone putty sticks, wood filler, a craft knife, and No. 0000 steel wool.

For large cracks, the supplies are similar, but users only need to add oil to match, wood shavings, brush, and glue,

Pay Attention to Damaged Area

Clean the crack with the craft knife tip gently.   Then, apply the wood filler before trying to sand. The putty stick with a matching wood tone can help with small holes.

Mix putty sticks to help deliver the best match to the adjacent wood. 

Wipe the putty and stick it across the hole. Then, smooth the surface with a finger. The putty should be dry before applying and finished after one week.

Make Use Glue and Shavings

Don’t just use any glue. It should match the furniture set. Apply the wood glue to the crack. Use a syringe for the very small crack.

Let it dry for 24 hours. When the crack remains visible,  then repeat the step. But, when the crack is no longer visible, use fine-grit sandpaper to flat the furniture before applying finish.

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