Meranti Wood

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Meranti Wood

What is Meranti Woods?

Meranti wood is a flexible wood; Meranti is also called Lauan, Balau, and Philippine mahogany. It has many subspecies, sources as well as purposes.

The majority of meranti wood uses are for domestic use.

Meranti does not originally come from the United States of America, thus to acquire this wood, it needs to be imported from Southeast Asia, where the woods are originated. 

This wood is easy to work on because it can be cut, sand, and mill easily. Meranti wood uses are usually for furniture, molding, window, structure, door trim, and cabinets.

This wood is also used as veneers for plywood. In terms of price, Meranti is one of the hardwood types that are pretty reasonably priced.

What Are The Advantages of Meranti?

There are many benefits of buying furniture that is made of Meranti. They are as follows:

  • Dulling Effect: The quantity of silica in meranti wood is quite much. As a result, there will be a dulling effect on woodworking equipment.
  • It is quite resistant to twisting or warping: This is the best feature that meranti wood has. It will not twist or warp.
  • Meranti is dimensionally stable; it means that the wood will preserve its dimensions when it is under humidity and temperature.

What Are The Disadvantages of Meranti?

One of the big drawbacks of meranti wood is that it has no resistance to decay or insects.

Other than that, you need to do maintenance regularly, like varnishing to keep it in shape.

Meranti Wood as Furniture

Meranti wood has structures of open grain. You need to sand and prime it before it can be painted.

There is a type of Meranti called White Meranti that has a price of twice pine price.

Moreover, Meranti is far sturdier to be used as outdoor furniture.

You can use it as a replacement for local hardwood.

Meranti Wood for Indoor Furniture

Meranti wood uses are suitable for indoor.

You can find many products that are made from Meranti, such as trim, cabinetry, and millwork.

This wood is quite popular as interior doors visible surface.

For furniture, meranti wood can be used as chairs, cupboards, and tables.

Meranti Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Meranti furniture has an affordable price and good visual appeal that makes you think that it is made from expensive woods.

However, they are few things you need to know before putting your meranti furniture outdoor.

It does not handle the changes in weather well.

Meranti Wood for Cabinets

Meranti is suitable for cabinets. One of the good products of cabinet you can buy is Eichholtz Cabinet Jane in Mocha Meranti.

It has beautiful, and antique finish handles to give your room a contemporary touch.

Meranti Wood Uses for Flooring

Meranti wood is also normally used as flooring or decking.

It offers a range of colors from tan or light red to medium brown.

These colors produce a warming mixture that can improve the beauty of your porch or deck.

Untreated, it will turn to a silver-grey color and is known to resist decay and insect.

Meranti Wood Uses in Woodworking

Meranti wood is essential as a worldwide commercial. It will be made into plywood, cabinets, hollow-core doors, and plywood paneling as veneer material.

In the lumber department, meranti wood uses are turned into low-cost furniture, moldings, trim, and light structural framing.

As stated before, meranti wood is not suitable for outdoor projects.

Meranti Wood Uses for Moldings

Meranti wood is one generic hardwood that is suitable for molding and is cheaper.

It offers strength, quality as well luxurious looks of hardwood.

Meranti Wood Uses for Panels

Meranti wood uses as panels are an affordable option that can be made in a mixture of applications.

This includes laminating for furniture and also wall components, crating and general protection, and set construction used in the film industry.

Meranti Wood for Window Frame

Meranti can be made into wooden window frames.

It is not only looking stylish but also long-lasting and pretty easy to maintain.

Windows that are made of wood are inviting and can give a warm feeling.

The windows frame can be combined into practically any building style: from rural to modern.