Western Red Cedar Uses

Western Red Cedar Uses and Its Benefits

Scientifically known as Thuja plicata, western red cedar is softwood species native to western North America.

Although it is called cedar, it is not a true cedar.

The real one is in the genus cedrus.

This tree is a pretty popular being as one of the most beautiful softwoods in North America. The heartwood has a reddish to pinkish-brown color.

The narrow sapwood has a light yellowish-white tone.

Due to the beauty, there have been varieties of western red cedar uses.

Western Red Cedar Uses for Outdoors

Western red cedar uses can be found commonly for outdoor applications.

It is because this wood has good durability. It resists rot, decay, and insects pretty well too.

Patio Furniture

Since it has such a distinctive look, red cedar will be the best option for your outdoor furniture. Moreover, it has lightweight so moving them is an easy job.


You may have the best-looking decks in your neighborhood by using this material.

It will offer you various styles, from traditional to contemporary look.

Decking with this material can also extend your living space to the outdoor.

That added with the patio furniture will make your life much better.


Most people have been using this wood to build fence posts or simply personal fences around the house.

Its durability will make the fence lasts for years, even though exposed to weather over time.


Adding pergolas made of red cedar is a great idea to cover some space in your outdoor. You may also build it to decorate your garden.

The pergolas combined with plants like grapes or poison ivy will enhance the look.

Besides the garden, you may build it on other spots like an outdoor hot tub, dining area, or living space.

Cladding & Shingles

The dimensional stability, durability, insulation value, and appearance are the primary benefits of western red cedar.

These benefits work exceptionally well for cladding and shingles.

Not only is it beautiful and durable, but it can also reduce noises coming from outside and even damp vibrations.

Other Uses

Western red cedar uses are not limited to wood material only.

Like many other conifer species, this one is used as an ornamental tree.

Also, it is usable for hedges and screens either in the garden or park.

Western Red Cedar Uses for Indoors

Besides outdoors, red cedar can be applied for indoor usage.

However, it is not the best option for indoor furniture due to its potent natural scent.

Yet, here are a few western red cedars uses for indoor applications.

Paneling and Moulding

The beauty of its appearance makes the wood suitable for molding and paneling. It applies to windows, doors, walls, and ceilings. Its dimensional stability is also perfect for sauna paneling.

Musical Instruments

Since it has terrific acoustic resonances, red cedar makes a good choice of material for piano. Making guitar soundboards is also possible due to its lightweight as well as dark and warm sound.

Western Red Cedar Benefits

The benefits possessed by western red cedar are the reason for its popularity. Here are several of them when using this material.

Durable and Strong

The durability is simply one of the best aspects of softwood material.

It is solid and able to resist rot, decay, and insects.

That’s why it is more favorable for outdoor applications.

It Stays Cool

This wood does not absorb heat that much. It will stay cool to touch even during scorching days.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other wood materials, red cedar does not require high maintenance at all.

Thanks to its natural preservative properties, it can last even for years.

Moreover, its strong aroma can repel insects hence the rot resistance feature.

Easy to Work

This softwood is easy to work with both hand tools and machines.

It takes glues well, and the non-resinous feature gives a wide range of finishes.

Renewable Resource

Unlike other building materials such as bricks or types of cement, red cedar is entirely renewable.

It is also biodegradable, which means a very eco-friendly material.

Those are all the information we can share about western red cedar uses and the benefits.

To conclude, red cedar is suitable for outdoor usage because of its striking appearance and durability.