Mora Wood Uses, Properties, Pros, and Cons

Mora Wood Uses, Properties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is mora wood?

Mora is the common name for Mora excelsa and M. gonggrijpii. The tree is 100-130 feet tall, trunk diameter 2-3 feet, and is distributed throughout the Northeastern South America region (primarily Guyana and Suriname).

Although we think this is not a good quality wood, Mora wood is still a wood that can be used for various things. Its advantages are in its resistance to decay and insect attack.

Another advantage is the price in the moderate range because it seems quite difficult to be priced cheaply. Mora wood is commonly used for turned objects, boatbuilding, and others.

The properties of mora wood

Mora heartwood is light to medium reddish-brown, while the sapwood is pale yellow-brown and looks different from heartwood.

It is a wood rated as durable to very durable in resistance to rot, and Mora wood also has good resistance to insect attack.

This is not an easy wood to work on because several things can become problems and challenges during the working process. We hope you do well.

It would be best to use a mask because Mora wood can have an unpleasant and sour odor.

Mora wood advantages

Good Resistance: You can trust Mora in its resistance to rot and insect attack Because Mora wood is considered durable to be very durable in its resistance to rot.

Meanwhile, this wood is considered to have good resistance to insect attacks. So, there doesn’t seem to be any worrying issue in this regard.

You can make Mora wood into something of good quality, although we’re not sure about the other qualities.

I hope it’s good too and then come up with something interesting. Make sure to choose the best Mora wood you can get, whether it’s Mora excelsa or M.gonggrijpii.

Moderate price: It seems that Mora is not a wood that can be used as the main material.

However, you can still have it because this wood is occasionally imported. If available, the price of this imported hardwood should be in the moderate range.

However, you can also hope to get a lower price for this wood if that is possible. If you can choose the wood of better quality, but at the same price, we hope you choose that wood over Mora wood.

Because it seems this is not a common wood, although it may be used occasionally.

Availability: Even though Mora wood is not a popular wood widely imported, you still have an excellent chance to buy it.

This also does not make the price high and remains in the moderate range. Mora wood is also not likely to be vulnerable, endangered, or even experiencing a significant population reduction.

Because we found that this species is not listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or CITES Appendices, we hope that this will last forever and that Mora wood may become a more valuable wood in the future.

Mora wood Disadvantages

Workability: It seems this is not an easy wood to work on. Because you can face some problems during the working, for example, tears can occur during machining operations in interlocking grains.

Not only that, but it is also one that has a clear, blunt effect on the cutter. So, we hope that you are using a good quality cutter and can withstand the blunt effect well.

If that’s not possible for you, then prepare tools to sharpen your cutters. Make sure to prepare well so that the working process can be carried out smoothly. Be careful with other problems.

Appearance: You can’t expect much from the appearance of Mora wood because this is a wood with an ordinary appearance.

When looking at Mora wood, we didn’t find anything special in the look of this wood. However, we hope this is an error due to our inaccuracy in conducting observations.

However, The grain it has is sometimes quite good even though it is not attractive. So, if you think this is good and interesting wood, please comment below.

We would appreciate it if you properly explained what makes this wood look attractive. People may also appreciate your opinion.

Very heavy: Mora is a very heavy wood, and we think it can be a problem for some things.

It seems that this very heavy nature can also be a problem during the process, especially if you only use hand tools for work.

Although this was also an advantage, some wooden objects might be bad enough if made from very heavy wood. So, we hope you can use Mora wood well and find the right use.

In addition, Mora wood is a hardwood with extraordinary strength properties, and it is also particularly resistant to wear.

Mora wood for flooring

Mora wood is hard, hefty, and has extraordinary strength. So it seems that this is enough of a reason that this wood is good if used for flooring.

If you need another reason, we’d say that this wood is durable to very durable against rot and resists insect attack well.

So, it doesn’t seem like there will be much of a problem even if you use it for floors that directly contact the ground.

Although it has a display that we think is less attractive, it doesn’t matter if you can work it well.

Mora wood for boatbuilding

It is also a great choice for boatbuilding. We hope that Mora’s characteristics also support this, and it seems that it does. Examples such as resistance, both to rot and insect attack.

In addition, Mora is also wood with extraordinary strength, and it seems that it is very suitable for boatbuilding.

However, this is a very heavy wood and can be quite a problem. Hopefully, it will be lighter after drying and can be used for boatbuilding as the main wood or just for additional wood.

However, it seems this to be on par with Cedar and Teak.

Mora wood for heavy (exterior) construction

If you are choosing wood for heavy construction, then Mora wood is the right choice. However, it seems that this is only good for the exterior.

We also feel that this wood’s properties are great for that; For example, its excellent resistance to insect attack and rot, extraordinary strength, hard, very heavy, and others.

We don’t think the looks are that important for heavy (exterior) construction because they don’t seem to need it.

But if you need it, you can choose a better wood with an attractive appearance, because It seems like a lot of suitable too.

Mora wood for turned objects

Mora wood is also great for turning objects, although there may be some problems during the process. This wood is very heavy, hard, and seems to be quite difficult to turn.

However, its extraordinary strength might allow it to withstand thin artistry, or that could result in fracture.

So, please do planning well before working. Make sure to use tools that are of good quality and meet the standards for turning.

This is so that the results you get can match your expectations. Don’t forget to choose the Mora with the best appearance.

Mora wood for boxes

If you need wooden boxes, you can make your own from Mora wood.

We hope you can make the boxes the way you want them, although it doesn’t look like they will be gorgeous boxes.

Mora has good quality, hard and extraordinary strength. However, this is a very heavy piece of wood, and it will likely make boxes that are heavy and difficult to carry.

Mora’s resistance to rot and insect attack is good, and we hope it will be durable boxes.