Movingui Wood Uses, Properties, Pros, and Cons

Movingui Wood Uses, Properties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is movingui wood?

Movingui (Distemonanthus benthamianus), also known as Ayana or Nigerian Satinwood, is a species of hardwood widely distributed in West Africa.

The tree is 100-125 feet tall and 3-5 feet in trunk diameter. It is a beautiful wood, bright yellow, and has many advantages that are quite useful.

That’s why it seems pretty good if you use movingui wood as the main material for decorative items. However, the durability of this wood is also quite good, making it suitable for large wooden objects.

Movingui wood is commonly used for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, veneer, and jewelry boxes.

The properties of movingui wood

The wood is yellow to orange-brown and tends to darken with age. Usually, Movingui shows figured grain patterns such as ripple or mottle.

Movingui wood is a wood that has a fine, even texture and has a high Islamic luster. Meanwhile, the grains are straight, wavy, or interlocked.

In resistance, this wood is quite reliable both against rot and termites attacks. Likewise, Movingui wood is considered easy to work with, although some things can be challenging during the working process.

The price of movingui wood is in the mid to upper price range for an imported hardwood.

Movingui wood advantages

Resistance: Even though it doesn’t have high resistance, we think it’s still reliable. Due to its resistance to rot, Movingui wood is considered quite durable.

Not only that, but this wood is also quite resistant to termite attacks. So, it seems like a pretty good choice for outdoor and ground contact use.

Unfortunately, we do not have information on its overall insect resistance. So, it is not certain whether this wood is good or not in insect attack resistance.

However, at least the information above can make you hope that Movingui is also resistant to it.

Easy to work: It’s a generally easy wood to work, although you can’t hope for it without a hitch.

Due to the silica content of up to 1.3% by weight, it can cause a moderate to severe blunting effect on the cutter.

In addition, the wood can also be scorched during drilling. However, Movingui is a wood that stains, glues, and finishes well. It is also a wood that can respond fairly well to vapor bending.

So, although there are some challenges during the process, it doesn’t seem like it will significantly affect your workability, especially if you are a professional.

Appearance: This is one of the woods with a unique appearance, although we can’t classify it as exotic.

However, the unique appearance of this wood is not because of its varied colors but because of its brightness and its tendency to display figured grain patterns that seem different from most exotics.

You can find figured grain patterns in Movingui wood, such as mottle or ripple, and they are very interesting.

However, it seems that the uniqueness of the pattern is also directly proportional to the high price. And we hope you can find the best Movingui at a reasonable price.

Availability: When talking about the availability of moving wood in sales, it is usually available in veneer or solid lumber.

However, Movingui wood may also be available in other forms. Regarding availability in nature, it seems you don’t need to worry about that.

Because Movingui is not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, that proves that the species is not endangered, vulnerable, or undergoing significant population reduction.

Not only in the IUCN, but Movingui is also not listed in the CITES Appendices, and we hope this species is forever not listed in either.

Movingui wood Disadvantages

Pricing: Movingui wood prices are quite varied and are in the mid-to-upper range for imported hardwoods. It seems that it depends on the quality and appearance of the Movingui you want to buy.

If you need a regular Movingui with a normal appearance, we think the price is mid-range. However, if the Movingui you’re after is figured grain patterns such as ripple or mottle, don’t expect to get it for the same price.

Because we think the price is in the high range, although there may also be those who sell it at a lower price.

Health risk: Movingui wood also carries health risks, although severe reactions are rare. The only possible health risk is skin irritation, and we hope that is the only one.

However, we think other health reactions can also occur depending, especially if you are not careful during the process.

So, we hope that you prepare well, especially to prevent health risks that may occur. Not only that, don’t forget to use good quality tools to speed up and simplify the process, to minimize health effects.

Movingui is a wood that has a mild odor when it is being worked on.

Movingui wood for veneer

This is one of the most common woods used as veneer, and it looks pretty good for it. You don’t need to make Movingui veneers, as they are usually readily available for sale.

However, if you want a veneer that you make yourself so that the appearance can be according to your taste, then go ahead.

We hope you will consider Movingui veneer with figured grain patterns to make it look attractive. It’s a great choice, especially if you need veneers for beauty and decoration.

Although the price may be high, we think it’s worth what you get.

Movingui wood for cabinetry

Besides veneer, you can also make nice cabinetry from Movingui wood. However, it seems that decay resistance is only durable enough that it might degrade its quality, especially if it’s for kitchen cabinetry.

But, if you can handle the problem very well, then that’s a great thing. You can make cabinetry to store decorations or even collectibles as you like.

Not only that, the cabinetry that you have can even be called a decoration because of its attractive appearance.

For all the cabinetry, we hope you don’t paint it. Because maintaining a natural color looks better.

Movingui wood for furniture

If you want something better than just veneer and cabinetry, then using Movingui wood for furniture is the right choice. This will be good quality furniture that is very nice, attractive, and we hope it is of great value.

Characteristics such as being quite durable in terms of resistance to rot and resistance to termite attack seem to be quite good. However, there is no exact information about its resistance to insect attack.

Don’t forget to plan well before starting work, and make sure you use good quality tools because this is not easy.

Movingui wood for flooring

We don’t know for sure about the quality of Movingui wood as flooring. However, we can review it from several aspects, especially in resilience. Movingui wood is a hardwood with good quality flooring.

The wood is quite resistant to rot and is likely to last quite a while in that regard. Meanwhile, this wood is only reported to be resistant to termite attacks in terms of insect resistance.

However, we hope that Movingui is also resistant to insect attacks as a whole. This can be an alternative or additional material to Oak, Maple, or Cherry.

Movingui wood for jewelry boxes

The last use is to use Movingui wood as jewelry boxes. Although this is not an important use, we hope it can be a recommendation for those of you who need it.

Movingui resistance isn’t as high as some of the other woods, but it’s still good. The bright and figured grain patterns look great when combined and seem to make beautiful jewelry boxes.

But that only happens if you choose figured grain patterns. Don’t forget to consider other aspects before fully deciding to use Movingui.