Outdoor Wood Putty: A Guide to Exterior Wood Repairs

Outdoor wood putty, or plastic wood, is a vital component in the woodworking world, filling in gaps and imperfections to create a smooth canvas for work. It is a versatile and essential tool used in various applications, including filling nail holes and smoothing large surfaces.

Wood putty is often composed of wood dust, binder, diluent, and pigment, with silica used for large flat surfaces. It is essential for repair, filling, and maintenance, healing wounds, and making everything whole. With various commercial products and homemade solutions, there is a wood filler for every need, ensuring the strength and beauty of your wood structures.

Best Outdoor Wood Putty for Large Holes

Not all putties are created equal when filling large holes in exterior wood. It would be best to have something robust, durable, and designed to withstand the elements.

  1. Outdoor Vitals Pyro Putty – Priced at $10.00, this option is versatile for various outdoor applications.
  2. Bonsai Necessities Cut Putty – Wound Sealant Paste – Grey – Made In USA – This putty, priced at $15.00, is designed specifically for sealing wounds in wood, making it an excellent choice for large holes.
  3. Hobby Mio – High-Density Filling Putty – Available for $5.99 AUD, this high-density putty is perfect for filling large gaps and providing a smooth finish.
  4. Green Stuff World Green Putty New – Priced at $10.00 CAD, this green putty offers a unique solution for exterior wood repairs.
  5. Heavy Duty Sea Goin’ Poxy Putty – 12 Ounces – At $47.99, this heavy-duty putty is designed for marine applications, making it a robust choice for large holes.

These options offer a range of features and price points, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your exterior wood repair needs. Whether patching a deck or fixing a fence, these putties have covered you.

Bondo Outdoor Wood Putty

Bondo is a name that rings a bell in the world of wood putty. It’s like the Rolls Royce of fillers, known for its quality and reliability. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Bondo Outdoor Wood Putty stand out:

Overview of Bondo Brand for Filling Exterior Wood

Bondo is a brand synonymous with quality and durability. It’s the go-to choice for many professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Bondo Outdoor Wood Putty is specially formulated for exterior wood applications, providing a strong and resilient finish.

Product Review

Bondo Outdoor Wood Putty is renowned for its easy application and long-lasting results. It’s like the trusted friend you can always rely on, filling in the gaps and smoothing the rough spots. Whether you’re working on a small garden project or a large outdoor structure, Bondo has got your back.

Application and Benefits

Applying Bondo Outdoor Wood Putty is a breeze. It’s like spreading butter on toast, smooth and effortless. The benefits of using Bondo include its strong adhesion, resistance to weather, and ability to blend seamlessly with the wood. It’s the perfect solution for filling, repairing, and maintaining exterior wood structures.

Bondo Outdoor Wood Putty, Bondo Wood Filler

Bondo offers a range of wood fillers, including the Outdoor Wood Putty, designed to meet various needs. It’s like having a toolbox of solutions tailored to a specific problem. Bondo has a product to suit your needs, from filling large holes to smoothing out minor imperfections.

Epoxy Outdoor Wood Putty for Exterior Use

Epoxy wood putty is like the superhero of wood fillers, swooping in to save the day with its strong and durable properties. It’s not just a filler; it’s a moisture-resistant adhesive that bonds with wood, making it a top choice for exterior applications.

Types of Epoxy

Epoxy wood fillers come in two parts that you mix before application. While most wood filler epoxies come in a putty-like compound, you can purchase liquid epoxy to harden wood and fill small cracks. It’s like having a toolbox of solutions tailored to a specific problem.


Using epoxy wood filler is a straightforward process. It’s like baking a cake; you follow the recipe, mix the ingredients, and voila! You have a perfect solution. Here’s how you can apply epoxy wood filler:

  1. Prepare the Wood: Scrape away damaged or rotten wood using a chisel or putty knife.
  2. Apply an Epoxy Consolidant (For Wood Rot Only): If repairing an area with wood rot, apply a wood consolidant first.
  3. Mix Your Epoxy Wood Filler: Follow the directions to mix the filler, often hand-kneading the putty.
  4. Spread and Allow to Dry: Press the putty into the hole or crack until you’ve reached the desired shape, then allow it to dry.
  5. Sand and Paint if You’d Like: With the wood epoxy dry, you can sand it until you reach the desired shape and smoothness.


Epoxy wood filler is ideal for restoring old wood that is too hard to remove or expensive to replace. It’s like a time machine, returning to when the wood was new and pristine. It sticks well, makes a durable surface, and can even sand it. It’s the perfect solution for any wood that needs moisture resistance, including window sills, fence posts, deck boards, porch columns, and furniture repairs.

Outdoor Wood Putty for Rotted Wood

Rotted wood is like a silent enemy, slowly eating away at the integrity of your wooden structures. But fear not, for there’s a specialized putty designed to combat this problem.

How to Identify Rotted Wood

Identifying rotted wood is like playing a detective; you need to probe the area surrounding the damaged wood to determine the extent of the rot. Softwood should either be removed or reinforced with epoxy consolidant.

Repair Methods

Repairing rotted wood is like surgery; you need precision, care, and the right tools. Here’s how you can repair rotted wood:

  1. Find and Stop the Cause of the Rot: If there’s moisture within the rot, ensure your wood has about a week to dry properly.
  2. Remove All Decayed Wood: Before applying the liquid wood epoxy consolidant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Mix and Apply the Epoxy Wood Filler: Press the putty into the area with a putty knife, ensuring all voids are filled.
  4. Shape and Harden: Shape the epoxy with your fingers, overfill the repair, and let it harden overnight.
  5. Sand or Paint: Once hardened, sand the epoxy or paint over it.

Outdoor Wood Putty for Rotted Wood, Wood Decay Repair

Specialized putties like epoxy wood resin filler are designed to fill in areas of rotted wood. They are simple to apply, stop the rotting process, cure quickly, and don’t shrink. It’s like having a magic wand that turns decayed wood into something new and strong.

Paintable Outdoor Wood Putty

Paintable outdoor wood putty offers a seamless solution for painting over the putty without any visible lines or marks. It’s like putting a band-aid on a wound, but in this case, the wound is a crack or hole in the wood, and the band-aid is a paintable putty that blends perfectly with the surrounding area.

Types of Paintable Putty

The article from Bob Vila’s website provides insights into different types of wood fillers, including those suitable for painting. Here’s a breakdown of the essential aspects:

  1. Water-Based vs. Solvent-Based fillers generally contain cellulose, wood fiber, or gypsum. They dry quickly and are easy to clean. Solvent-based fillers consist of vinyl or epoxy and are more resistant to weather conditions, making them suitable for exterior projects.
  2. Consistency: Wood fillers can have thick (putty-like) or thin (pancake batter-like) consistencies. Thicker fillers are primarily for filling voids, while thinner fillers fill pores in open-grain woods.
  3. Color: If you intend to paint over the cured filler, pick a paintable product in white or a shade lighter than the paint you’ll use.
  4. Application Environment: Fillers are generally for “interior-only” or “interior/exterior” use. Interior/exterior fillers can withstand extreme weather without hardening during application or cracking/shrinking once dry.
  5. Packaging: Wood fillers are packaged in tubs, squeeze tubes, and sticks. Tubs are suited to larger projects, while sticks are best used to repair scratches and cracks.

Top Picks for Paintable Outdoor Wood Putty

  1. Minwax Stainable Wood Filler: Suitable for indoor and outdoor wood filling, this water-based wax can take paint or stain. Its grainy consistency makes it easy to spread with a putty knife.
  2. Elmer’s Stainable Wood Filler: Usable for both indoor and outdoor projects, this water-based stainable wood filler emits zero odor and can accept paint or stain.
  3. FamoWood Latex Wood Filler: Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, this thick water-based filler dries harder than wood and can be stained or painted after staining.

Waterproof Exterior Wood Putty

Waterproof exterior wood putty is like the guardian angel for outdoor wooden structures. It ensures protection against water and moisture, keeping the wood safe and sound. Imagine a shield that guards and heals, filling in the cracks and gaps and making the wood whole again.

Features of Waterproof Exterior Wood Putty

  1. Solvent-Based Fillers: These are more resistant to water, humidity, extreme heat and cold, and rot, making them best suited to exterior wood projects and applications.
  2. Application Environment: Waterproof fillers are designed for exterior use, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions without cracking or shrinking.
  3. Consistency: Depending on the need, waterproof fillers can be thick for filling voids or thin for filling pores. Some thicker fillers can be thinned with water to fill pores.

Top Picks for Waterproof Exterior Wood Putty

  1. Goodfilla Water-Based Wood Filler: Excellent for filling large holes, this wood filler doesn’t shrink and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Elmer’s Probond Filler: This water-based wood filler features ceramic microsphere technology, making it tougher and more durable than most other wood fillers. It’s suitable for exterior applications.

Outdoor Wood Putty for Siding

Outdoor wood putty for siding is the unsung hero that fills the cracks, holes, and imperfections, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish. It’s like the makeup artist of the construction world, concealing the blemishes and making everything look picture-perfect.

Types of Putty for Exterior Wall Applications

  1. Acrylic-Based Putty: Known for its flexibility and durability, it is ideal for filling gaps in wooden siding. It can be painted over and withstands weather conditions.
  2. Epoxy-Based Putty: This two-part putty offers a strong bond and is suitable for filling larger cracks and holes in siding. It’s resistant to shrinking and cracking.
  3. Polyurethane-Based Putty: Offering excellent adhesion and flexibility, polyurethane-based putty is perfect for filling joints and seams in wooden siding.

Application Methods

  1. Clean the Surface: Remove any loose paint, dirt, or debris from the area to be filled.
  2. Apply the Putty: Press the putty into the crack or hole using a putty knife, smoothing it out to blend with the surrounding area.
  3. Sand and Paint: Once the putty has dried, sand it smooth and paint over it to match the rest of the siding.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal: By filling imperfections, putty enhances the appearance of the siding.
  2. Protection: It seals gaps and cracks, preventing water and pests from entering.
  3. Longevity: Properly applied putty can extend the life of the siding by preventing further damage.

Exterior Wood Putty for Decks

Exterior wood putty for decks ensures that this stage remains strong and beautiful, repairing the wear and tear that outdoor elements can cause. The backstage crew fixes the props, ensuring the show goes smoothly.

Types of Putty for Deck Repairs

  1. Epoxy Wood Fillers: Known for their strength and durability, they are ideal for filling cracks and holes in decks.
  2. Stainable Wood Fillers: These can be stained to match the deck’s color, providing a seamless repair.
  3. Waterproof Wood Fillers: Designed to resist water, these fillers are perfect for areas exposed to rain and moisture.

Application Methods

  1. Prepare the Surface: Clean the area, removing loose wood or debris.
  2. Fill the Damaged Area: Using a putty knife, apply the putty, pressing it into the cracks or holes.
  3. Sand and Finish: Once dry, smooth the area and apply stain or paint as needed.


  1. Strengthens the Deck: Putty reinforces the structure by filling cracks and holes.
  2. Enhances Appearance: Concealing imperfections helps maintain the deck’s beauty.
  3. Prevents Further Damage: Sealing gaps prevents water and pests from causing additional harm.

Minwax Outdoor Wood Putty

Minwax is a brand synonymous with wood care and restoration. Their outdoor wood putty, specifically the Minwax Wood Filler, is designed to cater to the needs of exterior wood filling. It’s like the doctor of wood, healing cracks, and holes and bringing the wood back to life.

Product Review

The Minwax 428550000 Wood Filler is available in a natural 64-ounce container. This wood filler is priced at $28.92 and offers a versatile solution for outdoor wood repair needs.


Applying Minwax wood filler is as easy as pie. Clean the surface, apply the filler using a putty knife, and let it dry. You can then sand and paint over it, making it blend seamlessly with the surrounding wood.


  1. Versatility: Suitable for various outdoor wood applications.
  2. Ease of Use: Simple application process.
  3. Quality Finish: Sands to a smooth finish, allowing for painting or staining.

Outdoor Wood Putty Bunnings

Bunnings, a popular hardware store in Australia, offers a range of outdoor wood putty products. Here’s a look at some of them:

  1. Intergrain 180g Jarrah / Merbau Woodblend Putty: This putty boasts excellent exterior durability, minimal shrinkage, and low odor. It’s easy to apply and sands to an excellent, smooth finish.
  2. Cabot’s 90g Natural Wood Tone Putty: An interior putty ideal for use on interior timber with holes, cracks, and blemishes that need filling.

Product Review

The Intergrain Woodblend Putty stands out for its exterior application. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of wood putty, offering a multifaceted solution for outdoor wood repairs.


These products are readily available at Bunnings stores across Australia, making them accessible to many customers.


The application process for these putties is similar to other brands. Clean the surface, apply the putty, let it dry, and then sand and paint as needed.

Is Outdoor Wood Putty Weather Resistant?

Outdoor wood putty is like the shield that guards the wooden structures against nature’s wrath. Whether it’s the scorching sun or the relentless rain, outdoor wood putty is designed to withstand the elements. But what makes it weather resistant?


  1. Water Resistance: Most outdoor wood putties are formulated to resist water, preventing it from seeping into the wood and causing rot or decay.
  2. UV Resistance: Some putties contain UV blockers that protect the wood from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.
  3. Temperature Tolerance: Outdoor putties are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, from cold to blistering heat, without cracking or crumbling.


Manufacturers often conduct rigorous testing to ensure the putty can withstand various weather conditions. This may include:

  1. Water Immersion Tests: To check how the putty holds up against prolonged exposure to water.
  2. UV Exposure Tests: To assess the putty’s resistance to UV rays.
  3. Temperature Tests: To evaluate how the putty performs under different temperature extremes.


Weather resistance in outdoor wood putty is not just a feature; it’s a necessity. It ensures that the putty doesn’t break down under the influence of weather, maintaining the integrity and appearance of the wood. It’s like the armor that keeps the wood strong and beautiful, no matter what nature throws at it.

What Is the Best Outdoor Wood Putty for Outside?

Regarding outdoor wood putty, “What’s the best?” is like asking for the secret ingredient in a master chef’s recipe. The answer lies in understanding the specific needs of the project and the features that different brands and types of putty offer.

Top Brands

  1. Minwax: Known for its quality and versatility, Minwax offers outdoor wood putty that can be used for various applications.
  2. Intergrain: Available at Bunnings stores, Intergrain’s Woodblend Putty is praised for its exterior durability and smooth finish.
  3. Elmer’s: This brand offers outdoor wood putty that can be stained or painted with products like Elmer’s Stainable Wood Filler.

Features to Consider

  1. Weather Resistance: Look for putty that offers water, UV, and temperature resistance.
  2. Ease of Application: Choose easy-to-apply putty and sands to a smooth finish.
  3. Compatibility: Ensure the putty is suitable for the type of wood and the specific outdoor application.


The best outdoor wood putty will depend on the project’s specific needs. Consider factors like weather resistance, ease of application, and compatibility with the wood type. Brands like Minwax, Intergrain, and Elmer’s offer quality products catering to outdoor wood applications.


Outdoor wood putty is vital in maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of wooden structures, from exterior walls to decks. It is not just a product but a philosophy focusing on understanding the essence of wood and treating it with respect. Outdoor wood putty is a small component but holds the beauty of wood together, creating a beautiful legacy. This guide to exterior wood repairs celebrates the art of woodworking, bridging the gap between functionality and artistry and honoring the wood.