Remove Heat Stain from Wood

Don’t ever cross your mind that heat stain will fade over time, so you don’t have to deal with it. The truth is it will never fade away, but it will get worse over time.

So, the minute you find the stain, you must take action. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to handle.

Remove Heat Stain From Wood with Iron

One of the easiest ways of removing heat stains from wood is using iron and olive oil. This method will work well only when the heat stain is just there.

So, grab your iron and a towel once you notice a heat stain you didn’t find a minute ago.

Put the towel on the heat stain and iron it for a minute. You just need to press it with an iron set to steam. It should be gone once you pull up the towel. Apply a little olive oil to the area, or you can also use mineral oil.

Remove Heat Stain with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good ingredient to use for removing heat stains. It is cheap and easy to find. It is also there in your kitchen, so you don’t have to look for something complicated to remove the heat stain from the wood.

Using baking soda to remove heat stains is very easy. You just need to make a paste from it. Remember! A paste, not a soup.

You need only a little water to let the powder bind together. After that, use the paste and rub it into the heat stain.

Another cleaner recipe can be mixing baking soda with non-gel toothpaste in equal parts. Rub it to the heat stain and wipe with a damp cloth until it is clean and let it dry.

Are Heat Stains on Wood Permanent?

As explained above, some easy ways for removing heat stains should be clear enough that heat stains are not permanent.

It will become permanent if you just let it there without trying to remove it. It is also more difficult to remove when it has been on your wood surface for a long time.

So, if it is permanent? Yes, if you make it that way. Do something to your heat stain if you don’t want to make it stay forever on your wood surface.

How Do You Get a Hot Stain Out of a Wood Table?

Just like its name, heat stain is caused by heat. It comes from the pizza boxes placed on your wooden table.

A white spot can also appear after putting a cup of coffee, tea, or a bowl of soup on your table. People often do it and don’t even realize that this simple habit can cause a heat stain on their furniture.

A piece of wood has some pores that are opened automatically when they get contact with heat. These open pores retain more water; as they shrink, the water stays inside.

That is why there are usually some white spots on heat stain. The worse thing is that the heat stain can show up even when the object placed isn’t hot.

Remove Heat Stains from Wood Hairdryer

Iron and a hairdryer also work well to remove white spots from wood. How to use it is vewhitsy. Set the hairdryer to medium heat and use it to heat the stains directly, two inches away.

While applying the heat, remove the heat stain with a napkin or cloth. Do this patiently until the stain fades away.

Does Mayonnaise Remove Heat Stains from Wood?

Mayonnaise is not just tasty but also effective in removing heat stains from wood. Mayonnaise contains oil, which will help to release the liquid inside the pores.

Since it is oily, you have to use it correctly to let you easily clean the surface.

Clean the wood surface before applying mayonnaise. Let the mayonnaise sit on the white stain for about 2 hours before cleaning the area. You will find the heat stain fading away without using any expensive remover.

How to Remove Heat Stains from Wood Veneer

Veneer material is mostly used in the kitchen because it is non-toxic. This also could be why veneer can easily have some heat stain because it is prone to heat in the kitchen.

Removing heat stains from the veneer can be done using a mixture of liquid soap and warm water.

Mix this in a bucket and rub a soft rug soaked in it. After rubbing the entire heat, and stain, don’t forget to clean it up from any residue. Once the heat stain goes away, apply the wood finish using a soft paintbrush.

How to Protect Wood Table from Heat Marks

While removing heat stains on the wood surface might seem easy because there are many methods, it will be best if you never have such marks in your life.

Protecting your wood from heat marks is easier than removing it because you can protect it even with a placemat.

Covering your table with a placemat could be something you don’t like because you want the beauty of the wood grain to be exposed.

However, these days you can find many placemats with attractive colors and designs to boost your dining room decoration.

More interestingly, you can find a heat-resistant placemat that can protect your table from heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Complete the placemat with a tablecloth in a matching color to ensure that every part of your wood surface will not get in touch with heat.

They can be removed once your dining time is over. You can reveal the beauty of your wood grain while protecting it.

Another option if you don’t want to cover your wooden table is by using a glass top. It is transparent and water resistant. It protects your table from heat and moisture while reflecting the beauty of the wood surface.

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