Utile Wood (Entandrophragma utile)

Utile wood (Entandrophragma utile) uses indeed have many advantages that can be obtained. If you want to create furniture made of certain materials for indoor and outdoor use, of course, you will be able to get it quickly through this material.

It is also very hard so that it can be used for the manufacture of even large materials. So, if you want to get a lot of benefits, then this is where you will find them all.

This material is also known as Sipo, which belongs to the Mahogany species. This material is also very easy to find in certain regions of the world, especially Africa and America.

Ordering this material for furniture and renovation purposes also makes its popularity rapidly increase. No wonder many people use this material because several people have proven its reliability.

What is utile wood

You need to know that in this utile wood uses, you will see its function as a necessity for making cabinets, decorative coatings, coatings for ship construction, and others. The color also tends to be dark but has a solid body shape.

This wood, which has the name Sipo Mahogany, will be available in Central and Western Africa. It also has a faint cedar-like aroma and is corrosive when in contact with metals. This wood is also friendly and easy to use with any machine tool.

This wood can be easily cut and torn apart, despite its strong body. This material is also suitable and easy to combine with nails, glue, and so on for renovation and furniture purposes.

What type of wood is utile

In addition to discussing utile wood uses, you also need to know which type of wood this one belongs to. This type of wood is included in the best-in-class wood group.

This is because the benefits are good in terms of ease of maintenance. In addition, for finishing purposes, this material is also easy to use and apply.

No wonder people like this material for any purpose because the quality is guaranteed.

What is utile wood uses for

Utile wood uses have many benefits, both significant benefits, and negligible benefits. It is large-scale benefits such as its use for shipbuilding materials and large-level housing.

Meanwhile, its small use can be seen for household materials, such as trays, tables, wood, etc. For more details about the benefits contained in this material, the following is complete:

Is utile wood expensive

No, utile wood uses are competitively priced. Of course, when compared to other woods out there, you will notice that other woods may be more profound.

However, does this wood provide the same quality as the price, with its competitive price? Certainly not! The reason is, this wood also has its characteristics.

This is what makes related wood able to have a significant impact.

One of these impacts is its many uses and the extraordinary benefits that will be found in it.

Is utile wood good for furniture

Yes, there is a lot of utile wood uses for furniture purposes that you can see.

This will also be able to make this material very good for various desired purposes. This material is often used for general construction and panels.

However, there are also benefits to be found for household needs.

Some of the benefits for making frames, countertops, plywood, and others will also be well applied.

Is utile wood hardwood

Yes, utile wood is included in the type of hardwood.

This is what makes his life very long. However, because this material is susceptible to metals, it would be better to keep this material away from related metals if you want a longer life.

This will make the related material so rich in benefits and have high resistance to any attack.

Is utile wood sustainable

Yes, in addition to utile wood uses which are indeed tempting, you will also see that it has a very long life.

You can see this because this material has a significant impact on its use. With this impact, many people like this wood material.

Its usefulness is also very powerful and provides convenience for companies or individuals for the desired renovation project.

Utile Vs. Sapele Wood

The name sapele comes from the Nigerian city of Sapele, where the tree grows in large numbers. People say it is an English version of the Urhobo word Uriapele, the Name of a local god. Sapele mahogany is one of the most valuable commercial woods in tropical Africa.

Each year, a lot of it is exported. Sapele is especially valued for its shiny radiance, which can be light pink, brown, gold, or red. It has a high density of 640 kg/m3 and an interlocked grain, making it hard to work with.

Utile is lighter than Sapele but just slightly heavier than Genuine Mahogany. Utile is also much softer than Sapele and slightly harder than Genuine, so it has many easy-to-work-with qualities of Genuine that make it so popular with furniture makers and architectural millwork houses.

Iroko Wood as an alternative For Utile wood

Milicia excelsa and Milicia Regia, both from the family Moraceae, are sold as Iroko or Kambala. Iroko is a great wood for building that can be used outside.

The sapwood is about 5 to 10 cm wide and is yellowish-white to gray. This makes it easy to tell it apart from the darker core. When the wood is new, the heartwood is a wide range of colors, from yellowish to greenish to golden-olive brown to dark chocolate brown.

Edges of parenchyma at the edges of growth rings are not always straight. The large pores are scattered, and the eye-shaped storage tissue makes them stand out even more.