Your Wooden Table Getting Scratched? Here Are Some Ingredients to Remove Scratches from Wood Table in Easy Ways

Many often choose wooden tables as the best furniture to accompany their daily activities.

This happens because many consider a wooden table adequately strong to accommodate objects with a fairly heavy weight and sturdy when used for work, study, etc.

However, the wooden table still has the potential to be scratched due to some of the activities we did.

Those scratches on a wooden table will make the table look less attractive, particularly if there are a lot of scratches.

Those scratches will make the texture of the table not smooth, and the table’s appearance looks unclean.

Consequently, you probably will feel uncomfortable when you decide to continuously use that wooden table.

Therefore, before your previous wooden table is no longer attractive to look at, you need to get rid of some scratches on the wood table with simple ingredients that you can find anywhere.

Suppose you need to know what effective ingredients to help you with removing your wooden table. You probably need to keep reading this article.

Here are a few ingredients that you can use to easily remove scratches from a wooden table. You can choose ingredients that you can easily find in your home. 

Repair with Black Tea 

It is an easy ingredient you can find in your kitchen. You can repair the scratches on the wooden table by using the tea.

Black tea is chosen over herbal or green tea because black tea will produce a color similar to wood. You can soak the black tea bag by pouring hot water over it in a cup, then let the color change.

You can use a cotton swab by dipping it in the tea and putting it on the scratched area of the wood table. If there are any excesses, it might make the clean area get colored too.

The longer you steep the tea, the darker you get the color of the black tea. It might be better if you matched your wooden table’s color with the tea’s color. 

Get rid of Scratches with Coffee 

Another alternative way to remove the scratches from wooden tables is instant coffee. It will be effective if your furniture has a dark stain.

You can get rid of some scratches by covering them up with a paste of coffee. Mix the coffee granules with water until it turns the texture into a thick paste.

You can apply the scratches by using a soft cloth. This application is the same as how you apply the scratches with tea. 

Remove with Sandpaper

Sandpaper certainly can be used to remove the scratches by sanding the area of scratches with 80 or 120 grit. Make sure you always sand it by following the direction of the grain.

This will make your scratches on the wood table with the natural blending grain. After that, wipe off the dust, and you probably need to restrain your wooden table from getting the best result. 

Cover with the Walnut Meat 

The scratches can also be removed or faded if you use ingredients containing oil material. You probably need to consider using walnuts if you can by breaking the walnuts to get some hidden oil in them.

You can rub the broken piece of walnut to the scratches, then polish it with a soft cloth. Repeat this day until the scratches become invisible. 

Rub Out the Scratches with Crayon 

Perhaps it is quite confusing for you that your children’s crayons can be removed from the scratches on the wood table.

Yet, this work will be similar to black tea and coffee. You can choose the crayon color that matches your wood furniture.

You can make crayon wax by grating the crayon stick on a cup or mini plate. After that, melt the crayon-grater by pouring over the hot water or boiling the crayon-grater with water.

Choose an easy one for getting the texture of a crayon. Apply crayon wax to the scratches by using a cotton swab. Follow the step as you apply the black tea or coffee to the scratches on the wooden table. 

Wipe Off with Vinegar 

White vinegar is one of the best ingredients that are easy to find but effectively wipe off the scratches. White vinegar can remove minor scratches because it contains water and acetic acid.

Both of them have become an ideal solution for removing scratches. Yet, you need to mix it with olive oil to make it more effective because olive oil is a natural ingredient to save table wood texture from high acid concentration.

You can apply the mixture of white vinegar (100 ml) and olive oil (200 ml) with a cotton rag to the scratch area. Let it sit for 2 minutes to make the mixture soak into the wood.

Do not forget to clean the residue left on the surface. 

Fade with Mayonnaise 

Mayonnaise can be chosen to remove the scratches because it contains oil that will be effectively used to make the wood swell.

The amount of oil in mayonnaise will help the wood swell and fill the gaps. Finally, you can fade the scratches by applying mayonnaise for 2-3 days. 

Fix the Scratches with Car/Shoes Polish 

The car or shoe polish stands for the ingredients to remove the scratches from the wood table, like the black tea, coffee, and crayon.

The way you apply it, it will be similar to the previous ingredients. Choose a similar color for the car or shoe polish with the wood. You can polish it only to the scratched areas carefully. 

Those various ingredients have different effectiveness. You can try some of them to remove the scratches on your wooden table.

Instead of staining or refinishing your wooden table. It would be better if you removed the scratches if it is possible. 

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