The Best Ways to Remove Stains from Wood Table

How often do you use a wooden table to accompany your daily activities? How much has a wooden table’s appearance influenced your productivity?

Some think a wooden table is the right furniture to use in every activity. It can be used at home, school, office, restaurant, cafe, or other public spaces.

Therefore, the presence of a wooden table is very crucial to help our activities.

However, the many activities and the use of wooden tables can make the wooden table potentially exposed to stains that can stick to the wood surface.

Because of that, of course, it will make us feel uncomfortable because the appearance of the wooden table will be less attractive, so it is no longer comfortable when used.

In addition, stains attached to a wooden table left too long will certainly be increasingly difficult to remove. Therefore, you need to quickly remove it so that your wooden table looks beautiful when you use it again.

Now, there are many ways that you can do to remove stains by using materials that are easily found at home.

If you intend to remove stains on your wooden table in your home, you can follow several effective ways to remove these stains properly. Here are some ways to easily remove stains on your wooden table. 

White Vinegar and Olive Oil 

The mixture of white vinegar and olive oil is one of the effective ingredients in removing stains on the wood table. It is chosen because white vinegar contains acetic acid and water, which can help to wipe off the stains.

Meanwhile, olive oil has natural ingredients to save the surface of the wood table from the high acetic acid concentration.

Moreover, olive oil will help to shine the furniture. For the first step, mix the white vinegar and olive oil in 1:1 or 1:2. Apply the mixture to the stains with a soft cloth, then rub it carefully.

After that, you can clean it using a clean, dry cloth. 


For a white stain on the wooden table, you can use alcohol to remove it. This way is easy to do. Just take a piece of cloth, then absorb it with alcohol.

You can gently rub it on the stains. Do not forget to clean the surface with a clean cloth after the stains are invisible. 


The texture of perfume is a liquid that is similar to alcohol. Therefore, the effective application of this ingredient is, of course, the same as the previous one.

You can spray the perfume on a piece of cloth until it gets wet. Then, rub it on the stains slowly with a circular motion to get the best result. Wipe off the residue left by the stains with a clean cloth. 

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) 

Baking soda is an ingredient that can easily be found in your kitchen. Baking soda is usually used for baking, but you can also use it for removing the stains on your wooden table.

Take some baking soda with a tablespoon (you can count it approximately), then mix it with water until it becomes a paste baking soda.

Rub the stains on the wood surface by using the soft cloth smoothly and slowly in a circular motion until the stains disappear.

Remember to add a little water because the stains will be difficult to lift if your baking soda texture is too much water. 


You can remove the stains on the wooden table with toothpaste. There are none of the other ingredients to mix with.

Use toothpaste, put it on a soft cloth, then rub the stain marks properly and smoothly. After that, make sure the stains disappear before cleaning with a dry cloth. 


The mayonnaise consists of oil that can effectively remove the stains on the wooden table. Apply the mayonnaise with a soft cloth or cotton swab to the stain marks several times.

Rub the stains until the surface of the wood is clean. Wipe off the residue left by using a clean-dry cloth. 

Petroleum Jelly 

Petroleum jelly is usually used in beauty products. The popular product containing petroleum jelly is Vaseline. Many people can find Vaseline easily in their home or convenience store.

You can use Vaseline to remove the stains on your wooden table. To apply this ingredient, you can rub it well onto the stains and then let it overnight for an effective result.

Wipe off the residue left with a clean cloth. This petroleum jelly will remove the stains on the wood and make it look shiny again. 


Lemon has many advantages for our life. Besides, it is good for our health. It is also good for removing the stains on your wooden table.

This ingredient will be effective for water stains by rubbing the lemon over the stain. When you rub the stain, you need to move it in the following direction of the wood grain to avoid other stains. 


When do you need to use sandpaper to remove the stains on your wooden table? It might be when you think the stains are strongly attached to the wood.

The stains are too deep, so you can use the previous ways to remove them. Sand lightly the area of the stains with sandpaper.

Pay more attention to how you sand the surrounding area because you need to keep the color of the wood.

Therefore, sand it down and then stains using fine sandpaper to prevent scratching the wood. Make sure you rub it slowly. 

Those are several ways of removing the stains effectively. Yet, you need to look at the kind of your stains. Because if the stains are too deep or strongly attached to the wood furniture, you need a different treatment. 

Moreover, removing stains from your wooden table will help you to make the surface clean. Finally, you can feel pleased and comfortable using your wood table to accompany your activities and needs. 

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