How to Restore Old Furniture

1. Use Cleaning Soap Solution

Old furniture will experience a change in appearance. Do you want a new look for fari furniture? Then you need to read how to restore old furniture tips to completion.

There are many ways to make it look stunning again. The easiest way is to clean using a cleaning soap solution.

First, put on your gloves. Next, make a cleaning soap solution using Murphy’s oil soap. If you have dipped a clean cloth into the solution, don’t overdo it in taking the solution.

You can immediately apply it to the furniture’s surface if you have. Then you can wipe using a dry cloth until the surface is dry again.

2. Use Petroleum Jelly

You do not have mild dish detergent to apply the first point. We recommend using petroleum jelly to make the furniture look clean and like new.

Rub the petroleum jelly over the entire surface of the furniture using a clean cloth. This method effectively deals with glass marks and spills from various liquids.

Once applied using petroleum jelly then, you can leave it overnight.

The next morning you can clean the table’s surface using paper towels. Many people also use this method because petroleum jelly is usually available at home.

However, if you find some stains still on the table’s surface, you can move on to the next point.

3. Use Special Products to Clean Stains on Furniture Surfaces

You don’t want to worry about cleaning years of stains from various liquids on the furniture surface.

Why not buy some liquid products specifically designed to clean the surface? Some of these fluids can work so powerfully that you can get your furniture looking like new in just a few hours.

It’s just that the price of this cleaning fluid product is a little high. But this method is worth trying instead of using professionals just to clean the furniture. The product itself is widely available online.

4. Fix Small Cracks with Epoxy

The problem with old furniture is not just stains. Sometimes the surface has small cracks. Don’t worry, and you can handle small cracks with epoxy.

Use epoxy that has been added the same color as the furniture’s surface. You can also use this epoxy to cover some of the holes caused by nails.

If the color doesn’t match most furniture colors, you can cover it with a wood stain.

5. Apply Wood Gel Stain to Cover Color Differences

The age factor in furniture can make the color different from one side to another. Don’t worry; you can cover up this shortcoming by applying a gel stain.

Use a clean cloth to work with the gel stain. Make sure you don’t use too much gel stain so the surface doesn’t turn sticky. Leave it overnight, and the gel stain will dry the next day.

When working with a gel stain, you must ensure the room is not too humid. Use a humidifier if the humidity exceeds 50%.

You need to do this to prevent the gel stain from turning sticky. If the gel stain turns sticky, you will have additional work to remove the sticky part. Of course, you don’t want to be bothered by that, right?

6. Add with Protective Finish

Another way to restore old furniture is to add a protective finish. You can do the process of giving a protective finish by using a clean cloth and rotating motion.

The rotating motion we mean is the same as the movement when you clean the car. If you accidentally give too much protective finish, immediately wipe the excess with a clean cloth.

Whatever type of protective finish you choose, it can still apply to all furniture surfaces. We recommend using a protective finish that is oil-based polyurethane.

7. Sanding and Reapplying Furniture Finishing Coating

First, you need to clean the furniture’s surface using a clean cloth. If necessary, use a special liquid for wood cleaning so that the results are perfectly clean.

If so, then you can use sandpaper with a size of 200. Sand the entire surface and clean the sanding dust. This process will remove the coating layer as well as the color from the furniture that is all worn out.

So you can re-coat the surface of the furniture with a new color. We recommend using a darker color than before. After that, leave it overnight until all the color dries.

In the last step, you can add a coating layer to protect furniture from various liquids. The process of giving this coating layer must also be right or not excessive. Leave it overnight until the coating becomes dry.

8. Clean the Surface of the Table with Mineral Spirit

Those who have mineral spirit at home can use it to clean the table surface from various stains. This method effectively removes various stains on the surface of furniture for years.

Use this chemical sparingly and apply it in a circular motion. Repeat this step if there are still stains on the table’s surface.

When working with mineral spirits, you must wear gloves. This cleaning agent is not in the dangerous category but can still make hands dry. After application, you need to wipe it with a clean cloth.

Then where can you get mineral spirits? Just go to a chemical store in your city, which the shop always provides.

Another good news is that you can now buy mineral spirits online. So you don’t have to bother going here and there to get mineral spirits.

9. Apply a Layer of Furniture Oil

Another way to restore old furniture you can do to get a beautiful look back on your furniture is to apply a layer of furniture oil.

Pour furniture oil, such as tung oil, and rub it in a circular motion. Let it dry overnight, and you can get a better look at your furniture the next day.

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