Easy Ways You Can Stain for Cedar Wood Finishing

Getting to Know Cedar Wood Before Finishing

Cedarwood has a scent that is often used for aromatherapy and perfumery purposes. Cedar trees can grow up to 60 meters tall. It mostly grows in high and snowy areas. Thus, the overall tree’s growth is strong in all seasons.

Cedar wood can be used for various furniture or other woodworking industries. The original colors of cedar wood are light brown and dark, with a slight tone of white color.

In addition, there are two other frequent types of cedar wood. One that has a reddish color known as red cedar. And white cedar wood is known as white cedar.

Things Made From Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is famous for its authentic aroma. This is an advantage because it is balanced with the strength of the wood.

Thus, these characteristics of strength and scent make it widely used as a processed product in various industries.

There are three common characteristics of cedar wood:

  • It is classified as a softwood
  • It is stable, so it doesn’t cause shrinkage.
  • It is easy to work with and doesn’t crack easily.

Some products that are mostly produced using cedar wood:

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Wardrobe
  • Coasters
  • Planter box
  • Jewelry box
  • Musical instruments
  • Rooftops
  • Flooring

Is Cedar Wood Stainable?

Cedarwood is one of the most stable wood species and is resistant to almost any defects. This wood also benefits from several types of sealants.

Cedarwood usually is light gray. However, looking at a darker wood cedar, it’s already looking stained. Thus, staining cedar wood is easy, just like any natural wood stain.

Even though cedar is a soft wood, it absorbs stains well. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cedar wood furniture. In terms of how you can stain cedar wood, it must be stained as soon as it receives the stain.

Preservation is Also a Process Before Stain for Cedar Wood

Stain for cedar wood also involves a stage of preservation. Mainly by wood burning to provide a strong outer wood layer. This finishing method has existed since the 18th century, which originally began in Japan.

Burning cedar wood must be done carefully. Only the surface can be exposed to heat. This process helps lock the wood pores so that it becomes more durable. Also, the finishing result will make the wood grain turn darker.

If you don’t prefer the method of burning wood, you might stain cedar wood using water-based wood paint. This is a much safer and environmentally-friendly type of stain and will not defect the natural scent of cedar wood.

Using water-based cedar wood stain will be excellent resistance to any wood defects and UV ray protection.

Using Semi-Transparent to Stain for Cedar Wood

Besides using a water-based stain for cedar wood, you can choose to use a semi-transparent stain. This type of stain will look best if you want to accentuate the slightly weathered surface of your exterior furniture.

Thus, also giving it a touch of protection from weather changes. In addition, the solid particles in the stain mixture will not extremely damage the cedar wood grain.

Colored Wood Stain Ideas to Stain for Cedar Wood

Using both bright and dark stains for cedar wood colors for woodworking projects is striking and inspiring. 


A sky blue stain for the cedar wood color of your flooring gives the room a contemporary and fresh style impression.


The yellowish stain color is ideal if you need a bright natural colored finishing material. This will add a minimalist and modern touch to your furniture.


A black colored stain will also give a striking appearance to your woodworking project. Black has a timeless effect and looks different from a plain brown color.


Gray stains are popular and considered a neutral color. You can emphasize your woodworking details with dark gray and lighter wood tones.


White stains create a more uniform and subtle look. It’s also a modern style that best fits the Scandinavian interior design.

Easy Natural Stain for Cedar Wood Finishing Method


Sanding is very important for a smooth and even finish. Sand the surface of your wood furniture. Then, clean the sanding dust afterward.

Apply wood primer

Wood filler is used as a first layer. This is done to close the wood pores to reduce the wood moisture. Mix wood filler with water, then wipes with a dry cloth.

Wait for this layer to dry, then continue sanding until the grain and wood surface is visible.

Apply wood stain

Choose your preference of stain for cedar wood. Brush the stain evenly in the direction of the wood grain when it’s dry, and sand until the surface is smooth. 

Apply sanding sealer

With a sanding sealer, the color of the wood underneath is strengthened and sticks the paint layer above it. Brush the sealer over the entire wood, then wait for this layer to dry. Sand firmly again until smooth. 

Apply clear coat

The last layer of finishing is by applying a clear coat. Choosing a clear coat for a matte finish will make the cedar wood look natural.

Brush the clear coat with a nylon brush toward the wood grain. Then, wait overnight to dry before the paint hardens well.

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How to Maintain Cedar Wood After Finishing

Don’t forget to finish with a coat.

A layer of paint on cedar wood furniture will provide a coating layer on the wood surface. Thus, it provides a protective material from the outside layer.

Without coating, the wood will be damaged from scratches, weather changes, etc., in the long run. So, the coating is the basic maintenance that all cedar wood furniture must have.

The use of cedar wood furniture

How you use the furniture will determine how to maintain it properly. For example, don’t place the hot or cold glass on a tabletop as it may leave marks on the furniture’s surface.

Therefore, watermarks must be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, the stains will be difficult to remove. 

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Polish with beeswax

Polish the furniture at least once a month using a safe wood polishing material like beeswax. It will strengthen the outer paint layer. Thus, keeping it away from scratches, termites, and even dust.

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