Wooden Kitchens and Wood Look Kitchens

The Difference Between Wooden Kitchens and Wood look Kitchens – Which One Is Better For You?

Wooden kitchens can be combined with interiors and add a cozy atmosphere to any home.

However, natural wood does have some drawbacks. Is it the best option for you?

Or is it better to choose a wood look kitchen?

We’ll cover that and more in this blog post you will read:

What is a Solid Wooden Kitchen?

Real wood kitchens have cabinets and drawers whose fronts are made entirely of wood.

You can opt for a solid wooden kitchen, where the inside of the cabinets and drawers is also made entirely of wood.

The material in the wooden kitchen

Wood is a warm, earthy, and robust natural product. Therefore, a kitchen made of real wood provides the ultimate natural and warm atmosphere, which is unmatchable, especially for connoisseurs.

The robust quality also means that wooden kitchens – if properly maintained – will show off in your home for years to come.

Minor damage to wood is also easy to sand away, and the colors can be adjusted to taste using lacquer or stain.

Natural products are never entirely uniform and naturally have some texture and color deviations.

This is a matter of taste; one finds it incredible, the other dislikes it.

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wooden kitchen Maintenance

Wood also requires regular extra work because it is a natural product. Wooden kitchens must be well ventilated to prevent moisture damage.

The space in which the wood is located should also be as stable as possible. Large fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause the wood to work, causing it to warp or warp.

In addition, specific cleaning products must be purchased to clean the fronts.

If you take good care of your real wooden kitchen, you will enjoy these beautiful fronts for years to come.

Price in wooden kitchen

Natural wood is a lot more expensive than other materials. The more real timber used, the higher the price tag of the kitchen.

The final price of a wooden kitchen is, of course, dependent on all kinds of factors, such as the materials chosen, the design, the equipment, the countertop, the accessories, and more.

However, if we look purely at the materials, a wooden kitchen is a lot more expensive.

Wood species for a wooden kitchen

If you opt for a real wooden kitchen, a type of wood must, of course, also be chosen. The choice ultimately depends on your taste.

Different varieties have different textures and colors. Naturally, only the hard types of wood are used in a kitchen, which is more resistant to external influences.

With some types of wood, the color can be changed using lacquer or stain to adapt the wood to the customer’s wishes.

The most popular type of wood for which this is possible is oak. This type of wood also occurs naturally in a somewhat broader color spectrum.

Do you want to avoid the worries about scratches and damage as much as possible? Then take a look at beech wood.

This type of wood is very hard, which means it can take a beating better. However, this comes with a higher price tag.

Is a soft and maritime look your dream? Then scaffolding wood might be the right type of wood.

Cherry and walnut are beautiful, and both have very noble characteristics. However, this also carries an – even higher – price tag, and the color is not editable.

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Advantages of Wooden Kitchens

Plastic can hardly compete with the appearance of real wood. The connoisseurs, in particular, will quickly see the difference, although plastic wooden fronts are becoming more realistic and better by the day.

Natural product, so no front and kitchen will be the same.

Robust material.

Minor scratches and damage can be sanded off.

Colors can be influenced by lacquer and/or stain.

Disadvantages of Wooden Kitchens

Can start to work under the influence of excessive moisture, heat, and temperature fluctuations.

Requires regular maintenance, including impregnation or oil, and a wooden kitchen is very pricey.

Since no fronts are the same, the kitchen doors may be slightly different.

Wood is a natural product and cannot be made or designed entirely according to taste.

wood look kitchens

What is a Wood Look Kitchen?

Wood-look in the kitchen are made of plastic, and plastic is a produced material. This makes the range endless.

You can choose dark, light, smooth or knotty, and whatnot. As a result, the possibilities are much greater with a wood-look than wood veneer.

A disadvantage of the wood look is that these fronts cannot be sanded in the event of minor damage. However, a replacement front is ordered in the wood look, in contrast to wood veneer.

Wood-look kitchen material

Plastic is produced. In other words, the choice is enormous. Whether you like dark, light, smooth, knotty, or even black wood, the options are a lot more extensive than with natural wood.

Once damaged, plastic is difficult to repair. However, you can order a replacement front – much easier than with a natural wooden kitchen.


A significant advantage of plastic fronts is that they require little to no maintenance. Besides the regular cleaning, you don’t have to do anything to maintain plastic.

However, you should avoid damage – if you want to keep the kitchen beautiful. Do not place hot pans on a wood-look countertop, absorb excess moisture as soon as possible, and avoid contact with sharp objects.


Since plastic is produced from inexpensive materials, wood-look kitchens are relatively cheap.

Of course, the final price of a kitchen depends on much more, but it will certainly not be the case with the wood-look fronts.

Advantages of Wood Look Kitchens

Wood-look fronts are produced, making all colors and designs possible.

This makes the wood look available in a vast range.

Plastic fronts are easy to clean and require no special maintenance.

Wood-look fronts can be chosen according to taste so that you can opt for utterly smooth kitchen doors with a visible grain or even knots.

Much cheaper than wood veneer.

In the event of damage, a replacement front can often be ordered.

Much cheaper than natural wood.

Disadvantages Wood Look Kitchens

Damage cannot be sanded off.

Plastic can be sensitive to moisture or excessive heat.

It doesn’t have the authentic natural look of wood, and not every front is unique.

Colors cannot be influenced by lacquer or stain.

wood look kitchens

Which Suits You Better: Real Wood or Wood Look?

Depending on what you want to pay and how much maintenance you want to do, you can consider choosing a real wood or a wood-look kitchen.

Do you want (and can) dig deep into your pocket, do you not shy away from regular maintenance, and do you think that nothing beats the appearance of a natural product?

Then a real wooden kitchen is a valuable investment that you will enjoy for a long time.

Do you want the advantages of real wood, but not the disadvantages?

Are you looking for a kitchen in an affordable price category?

Or are you not sure whether you will stay in this house for a long time?

If you answered yes, then the wood-look kitchen is probably a better option.

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