11 Tips for buying outdoor furniture for your garden

11 things to consider before buying outdoor furniture for your garden

When buying outdoor furniture, it is essential to ensure that the size and style match the space you are staying in.

Patio furniture is usually a little more elaborate than balcony furniture. A bistro table and chairs fit into an enchanted and overgrown garden; wooden furniture fits into a natural environment.

You can easily buy garden furniture online from your PC, or you can go to a specialist store for expert advice. The selection on the Internet is ideal for those who know what they want,

For first ideas and impressions, design options, and an overview of the different versions, it is worth looking at the websites of garden furniture suppliers.

buying outdoor furniture

Get inspiration

First, look where you want to put the garden set in your garden and how much space you have available. Then think about which function is important to you.

Do you want to eat outside, relax, read, sunbathe or do you like to throw a party?

Those kinds of things are essential for your choice. If you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for, first get some inspiration about the outdoor furniture design from Pinterest, for example.

Enough space in your garden

When buying a chair, keep in mind that in addition to a footprint of approx. 50 x 65 cm, it also needs a space of 20 – 30 cm behind it.

The table should be at least 1 meter wide so that you can eat comfortably.

It would be ideal if you still have about 50 cm of space around the dining table so that you can pass it without any problems.

If the space of at least 40 x 40 cm for a parasol is no longer sufficient, you can also use a garden table with an integrated parasol holder. Another option is to clamp the parasol to the balcony railing.

The advice is to set up the table to look at the length of the table from home. Why?

  • You create length in the garden.
  • You keep your line of sight.
  • You look pleasantly into the garden.

Provide some space for a grill or side table.

The best solution for a small balcony is folding furniture that can be placed in a corner to save space.

Watch out for the colors: Keep in mind that dark garden furniture can get very hot in the blazing sun! Plastic and metal furniture also heat up quickly.

A solution for this is light-colored upholstery, which also significantly increases the seating comfort. These cushions should cover the entire area of ​​the seat and backrest.

A tablecloth helps against dazzling light reflections and reflections on the table surface.

If you have a very light or sensitive natural stone covering your balcony or terrace, keep in mind that some wood stains or colors can rub off, especially in rainy weather.

The quality of garden furniture:

Ensure that the furniture is waterproof, UV-resistant (important for plastic furniture), easy to clean, dimensionally stable, colorfast, impact, and wear-resistant.

The seams of fabric-covered sofas must be stable and tear-resistant.

Upholstery must be washable or at least cleanable, and they should be attached to the seating furniture easily and without slipping.

Non-folding chairs should be stackable so that they can be stored in a space-saving manner.

The quality, especially for folding furniture:

Test the folding mechanisms! Loungers, chairs, and tables should be easy to adjust and firmly in place.

With folding tables, the tabletop must be able to be secured in the unfolded position.

Couplings and connecting parts may not be made of iron but stainless steel or brass.

The paintwork of the seal must close all the way around and must not be rubbed off when folding. To avoid injury, make sure the edges are clean, and no screw heads are sticking out.

Realize what you do and don’t need

Do you often eat outside at the table, or do you want to use your garden furniture to read a book and relax?

If you like to eat outside with your friends, it is best to choose a bistro set or a garden set with 4 or 6 chairs.

If you prefer to relax, choose a lounge set and perhaps a nice lounger on which you can enjoy the sun. You usually have already thought of what you need.

Material and maintenance

When buying new garden furniture, it is good to consider the material of which the garden set is made and which maintenance is necessary.

Artwood, poly rattan, and aluminum are almost all maintenance-free and weather-resistant.

You can leave garden furniture made of these materials outside all year round. It is also easy to keep clean with soap and water. Poly rattan and aluminum are lightweight and, therefore, easy to move.

Plastic garden furniture is cheap, comfortable, and easy to keep clean with soap and water.

Many types of materials for outdoor furniture, such as rattan, cane, and wood for outdoor furniture, are often seen as sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, these natural materials do not look out of place in any garden.

The significant disadvantage of these materials is that they often require regular maintenance – at least once a year – and you have to ensure that you know how to Maintain Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture.

Save fashion colors for the accessories

It is advisable to choose calm, neutral colors for all main furniture. You can think of black, gray, and white and natural colors such as dark brown.

If you combine these in the right way, the result does not have to look boring, and you can use the fashion colors for accessories, such as rugs and vases.

Find multifunctional outdoor furniture

You can use an adjustable chair for sunbathing if you put it in the reclining position.

If you put it upright again, you can also use the same chair at the table. You can also use hockey or footstool to set up a tray with drinks; this saves you money and space.

Look and feel

However attractive and easy it is to purchase garden furniture online, it is advisable to assess a piece of furniture ‘offline.’

So if you choose to make your purchase online – something that happens more and more these days – pay attention to whether you can have the garden furniture picked up again if you do not like it, without incurring huge costs.

Many online stores have a good guarantee scheme, but it is never a bad idea to pay extra attention to it.

Storage space

Your furniture will stay in good condition for longer If you have the space to store your garden set or lounge set after the season.

Therefore, you can choose garden furniture made of materials such as (teak) wood, cast iron, rattan, or bamboo that are less weather-resistant. In other cases, you may only have pillows that you want to store dry. Also, read the type of storage benches.

A lounge set and plastic garden furniture do not necessarily have to go inside when it gets colder.

But this is certainly recommended for fabric garden chairs. Pillows and the like must also be brought in. If you have a large storage space, it will work.

If you have little or no space, you will have to look for furniture that can withstand winter weather and for which you need little or no cushions.

Buying outdoor furniture at the end of the season

Those who are smart wait until the end of the season.

Many garden sets then go on sale, and you can then buy the same garden furniture that was hundreds of dollars more expensive two months earlier.

Set your budget before buying outdoor furniture

Determine the maximum budget that you want to spend for a garden set and stick to it. Of course, it makes little sense to set a budget if you would go over it.

So look for the options within your budget. You will often find great offers or receive a discount in the store, which can help you make a good choice.

With garden sets, the price does not say much about the quality of the furniture. Many online companies offer garden sets of poor quality. Keep a close eye on where you get your new garden set from.

Suppose you do that online, preferably at a webshop with an offline store in your area.

Then you can always easily return to the store if something is wrong with your product. This way, you can enjoy your new garden set without having to worry about it!

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