Cheapest hardwood for furniture

Are you looking for the cheapest hardwood for your woodworking project?

What wood species has a low cost of the price?

Unfortunately, the wood cannot be compared because every piece is different, but you have to start somewhere.

From the price, hardwoods are more expensive than softwood. Still, they compare your wooden furniture’s durability and longevity; actually, hardwood has a similar or cheaper price than softwoods.

cheapest hardwoods for furniture

Things to consider when buying cheap hardwood

Making a fence, patio floor, indoor or outdoor furniture requires the right wood. At hardware stores and other regular wood suppliers, quality wood often requires a deep pocket.

Therefore, the purchase of cheap hardwood only takes place from timber companies that sell approved FSC wood.

This quality mark guarantees that cheap hardwood is also produced based on responsible forest management.

Top-quality hardwood that is also FSC-approved is therefore guaranteed for the lowest possible price.

Price list of cheap hardwood lumber

Below is the list of types of hardwood commonly used or furniture; please note that the price list is just a guide and might be changed.

The price also varied depending on the thickness, wood grade, width, and length range, and the price also increased depending on wood color matching and grain pattern of the lumber.

So please be specific when you order your hardwood via an online store.

Wood SpeciesWidth RangeLength RangePrice Per Board Foot
Ash (White)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$6.00
Birch (Yellow)9.00″ to 12.00″96.00″ to 144.00″$9.00
Cedar (Aromatic)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$5.00
Cherry (American)4.00″ to 8.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$5.50
Chestnut (American)8.00″ to 10.50″48.00″ to 144.00″$16.00
Ebony (Gabon)4.00″ to 12.00″48.00″ to 144.00″$120.00
Koa4.00″ to 12.00″48.00″ to 120.00″$80.00
Mahogany (African)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$9.00
Mahogany (Genuine)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$11.50
Maple (Big Leaf)4.00″ to 12.00″48.00″ to 120.00″$10.00
Maple (Hard)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$8.50
Maple (Soft)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$7.50
Oak (English Brown)4.00″ to 18.00″72.00″ to 168.00″$15.00
Oak (European)4.00″ to 18.00″96.00″ to 192.00″$11.00
Oak (Red)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$7.00
Oak (White)9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$9.50
Olive (Italian)3.00″ to 11.50″36.00″ to 96.00″$42.00
Padauk4.00″ to 12.00″96.00″ to 192.00″$12.00
Pear (European)4.00″ to 10.00″60.00″ to 144.00″$13.00
Pine (Eastern White)8.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$5.00
Pine (European)4.00″ to 16.00″96.00″ to 192.00″$7.00
Poplar9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$5.50
Purpleheart4.00″ to 12.00″96.00″ to 144.00″$12.00
Redheart2.00″ to 11.50″24.00″ to 72.00″$18.00
Rosewood (Bolivian)2.00″ to 5.00″12.00″ to 72.00″$22.00
Rosewood (East Indian)3.00″ to 5.00″36.00″ to 60.00″$42.00
Rosewood (Honduras)2.00″ to 6.00″24.00″ to 60.00″$40.00
Sapele9.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 192.00″$9.00
Spruce (European)4.00″ to 16.00″96.00″ to 192.00″$10.00
Sycamore (American)9.00″ to 11.50″72.00″ to 144.00″$12.00
Teak (Burmese)4.00″ to 8.50″72.00″ to 192.00″$35.00
Walnut (Black)9.00″ to 11.50″72.00″ to 144.00″$9.00
Wenge4.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$20.00
Wenge4.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$21.00
Yellowheart4.00″ to 11.50″96.00″ to 144.00″$18.00
Zebrawood4.00″ to 10.00″96.00″ to 144.00″$20.00
Ziricote2.00″ to 10.00″24.00″ to 96.00″$70.00

Why buy the cheapest hardwood for furniture?

There are a large number of different types of wood that are available at a bargain price. Whether it’s new or older wood, there are plenty of ways to get good wood cheaply.

I also started with cheap wood because most furniture projects do not go well initially, at least if you work without a drawing.

But when I found out that building objects and constructions with a construction drawing almost always went well, it was less necessary to keep looking for cheap wood.

Alternatives for cheapest wood for furniture

Do you want to know what to look for when choosing cheap wood? Of course, you first have to choose a certain type of wood.

An inexpensive type of wood, especially if it is second-hand, is recycled wood. Recycled wood is a particularly easy-to-process type of wood and can still be called somewhat flexible.

If you make something from recycled scaffolds wood and make a wood project error, your mistake can often still be corrected.

In addition to these quite important advantages, it is also a relatively cheap type of wood. The costs of recycled wood have increased, but it is still a very affordable type of wood.

Especially if we look at the market for older scaffolding wood, a considerable load of scaffolding wood can be purchased for a competitive price.

You also can ask at a construction site whether you can buy some scaffolding wood when these construction workers are ready and whether a reasonable price can be made for you. This way, you can get cheap wood quickly and easily.

This is also possible for other types of wood. Ultimately, it is about finding a major consumer of this type of wood and then inquiring whether you can buy up his (or part of) old loads.

Don’t start working right away before drawing

If you want to save time by working as efficiently as possible, it is best to do this with drawings!

These construction drawings help you to make the nicest constructions affordable at a competitive price.

You can build your furniture, but you can also make your own scaffolding wooden lounge set. All in all, this building plans package will keep you busy for a while.

List of Low-cost Hardwood species

The price might vary depending on the area where you live or where you ordered the wood. The price you will spend until you get the wood on hand might vary depending on many things.

In this article, I will classify the cheapest hardwood that is good for furniture, and by the time you will understand and find out which lumberyard or online store can give you the cheapest hardwoods for your woodworking project.

Click the link of each wood species below to find their Characteristic:

1. Poplar

2. Maple

3. Alder

4. Oak

5. Beech

6. Ash

7. Birch

8. Cedar

9. Sapele

10. Padauk

The maple, poplar, alder, oak, beech, and ash wood almost has the same characteristic. Most of them are easy to machine and have good workability for making furniture.

Compared to many other types of hardwoods, the list mentioned above is the most affordable of wood for your woodworking project.

Why use low-cost hardwood for furniture?

From its durability and hardness, your furniture will last and stay longer. Even though it’s categorized as hardwood, not all hardwood is hard, and from the list above, the type of hardwood that we mentioned before is part of the wood that is easy to work with.

With hardwood, you will get an outstanding exotic appearance for your furniture project compared to softwoods work.

When buying hardwood beams or other wood products, the right information is essential.

Always stay updated on your favorite online store, which might give a special discount for some period, or you can contact your local lumberyard and find a good deal.

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