How to Maintain Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture to Stay Durable for Years to Come

Wooden furniture in your garden can make your outdoor garden looks beautiful, however, they need regular maintenance to keep them stay durable and long-lasting. 

You need to treat your outdoor furniture with stains at least every year to keep the furniture look great. 

You keep your garden furniture outdoor because they are made to be put outside, but if you want to protect them from harsh conditions such as the winter season, it is best to keep them inside your house or in a hut.

Wooden garden furniture is made of woods and they need treatment in order to protect them from a recession and being worn out due to weather conditions. 

In this article, you will learn the answer to the question about what is the best treatment for wooden garden furniture. 

By doing proper care to your wooden garden furniture, you can make them last for few years.

Here are the best tips about the best treatments for wooden gardens and furniture you can do to protect your garden furniture from drying and cracking as well as keep them in a good condition for a long time.

1. Choose a right and safe place to put your wooden garden furniture

Wooden outdoor garden furniture can easily be damaged since it is located outside of your house. You need to choose a proper place to put your wooden garden furniture carefully. 

The safe place for your wooden garden furniture is at a place with shade and not in a place with direct sun. 

You can choose a place such as under the trees in your garden. You can also move your furniture to a sunny spot to get little sunlight.

2. Put your furniture inside during harsh seasons

In the winter season, you should take your outdoor garden furniture and move them inside your house or shed. 

If you prefer to keep them outside you should use a wrap with a fabric cover to wrap and protect them. Other weather conditions such as wind and rain can also damage your wooden garden furniture. 

The rainwater can cause the wooden element of your furniture to dilate. The cold wind air can make the wooden table crack easily.

3. Clean your wooden garden furniture regularly

To maintain the durability as well as the aesthetic of your wooden garden furniture, you need to clean them regularly. You can do so at least 2 times every year. 

The more you clean it the better it will look. You can mix soap and warm water and use soft towels to clean the furniture stains and discoloration of stains on your wooden garden furniture surface. 

If you can’t clean the stubborn stains, you can try to use a brush to clean them off. After you are done cleaning, wipe the surface using a soft towel until it dries off.

4. Brighten your furniture color

Your wooden garden furniture colors can fade from time to time. You can make your wooden garden furniture color bright again with this trick. 

The first thing you should do is to use sandpaper. The sandpaper will be used to peel the old paint off your wooden furniture. 

After that, you can add a new varnish finishing layer. When you try to clean the wood, you can add a little bleach mixed with quarters of soap to clean it. 

This maintenance will make your wooden garden furniture stronger and more durable. This kind of treatment will also destroy mold in the wood that can cause corrosion effect.

5. Treat your furniture with oil before use

After you purchase your wooden outdoor garden furniture, after you are done unpacking and doing assembly processes, it is a good idea to re-apply oil on your wooden furniture immediately. 

The furniture may have already been polished with oil before but we advise you to wipe it again since the oiling treatment can be some time before you purchase them.

6. Do systematic cleaning

For the sake of your furniture, make sure you always clean your outdoor garden furniture regularly. Don’t wait until the damages become irreparable. 

You can do systematic cleaning by using a pressure washer gently prior to using oil for polishing.

7. Do habitual oil treatment

Your wooden furniture needs to be completed in a dry condition before you can apply oil treatment. 

You may also need to make sure that the oil you use is suitable for the type of wood for your wooden garden furniture. 

It is recommended to apply oil treatment two or four times throughout the season and before you move your furniture away in the winter season.

If your wooden furniture is made of teak woods, you do not need to apply oil treatment on it since the teak is already the type of oily wood. 

Eventually, the teak garden furniture will create a natural white hue or tint that you can remove by using teak oil.

8. Protect your wooden garden furniture from fungus and mold attack

Cleaning your outdoor furniture using oil alone is not enough to protect it from fungus and mold attack. 

You can tell if your furniture is suffering from mold and fungus hit by looking at the furniture part. 

If it becomes dark or it turns almost black then you can be sure that the fungus and mold are attacking it. You can address the problem by doing these tips:

  • You need to wash your wooden garden furniture carefully with a wood cleaner. You are advised to follow the instruction about how to maintain your furniture on the packet. If your furniture looks dirty, you can repeat this instruction.
  • If your furniture still looks dark even after you have washed it using a wood cleaner, you can try the second method. Wash the affected areas on your furniture with liquid chlorine and rinse it thoroughly with water.
  • If the chlorine cleaning method still does not work, try to use sandpaper and elbow grease by using them to polish the attacked area until you can reach the fresh wood. You can also use a pressure washer to clean it.
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